2-1, 9a

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  1. 가지
    eggplant, aubergine
  2. 갸름하다
    to be slender, slim
  3. 거북
    turtle, tortoise
  4. 걱정하다
    to worry, care, be concerned
  5. 고구마
    sweet potato
  6. 고등학생
    high school student
  7. 관심(이) 많다
    to really like, be really interested in
  8. 귀엽다
    to be cute, charming, sweet
  9. tangerine, mandarin orange
  10. 긴 머리
    long hair
  11. 나이(가) 들다
    to grow old
  12. 나이(가) 많다
    to be old, older
  13. 날다
    to fly
  14. 네모나다
    to be square
  15. 느리게
  16. 느리다
    to be slow
  17. 늦게
    to be late
  18. 다녀오다
    to go and come back, to return
  19. 다듬다
    to trim (eg: hair)
  20. 다치다
    to hurt, get hurt
  21. 단발머리
    bobbed hair
  22. 동그랗다
    to be round, spherical
  23. 드라마(를) 하다
    for a drama to be on
  24. 똑같다
    to be the same, identical to, equal to
  25. 뜨겁다
    to be very hot, burning
  26. 말리다
    to dry
  27. 면도(를) 하다
    to shave
  28. 묶다
    to tie (up), bind
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