Statistics Ch 3

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  1. Median If n is an even number (Formula)
    (n/2 + (n/2)+1)/2
  2. Median If n is an odd number (Formula)
  3. If the data are skewed, the ___________ is a good measure of central tendency.
  4. Population Variance (Formula)
    Image Upload 1
  5. Sample Variance
    Image Upload 2
  6. Empirical Rule Values
    68% 95% 99.7%
  7. Population Mean (Formula)
    Image Upload 3 Where xi is the midpoint, xifiis the frequency of the ith class, n is the number of classes.
  8. Population z-score (Formula)
    z= x-u/sigma
  9. Sample z-score (formula)
  10. Determining the kth percentile, Pk
    Image Upload 4Where k is the percentile of the data value and n is the number of individuals in the data setIf i is an integer, the kth percentile is the ith data value.      If i is not an integer, find the mean of the observations on either side of i.
  11. Lower (first) quartile,  Q1
    (k=25)Image Upload 5
  12. Upper (third) quartile, Q3
    (k=75)Image Upload 6
  13. Inter-quartile range: IQR (formula)
  14. Lower inner fence Formula
    Q1 -(1.5 × IQR)
  15. upper inner fence Formula
    Q3 +(1.5 × IQR)
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