MUSED Quiz 1: other stuff

  1. new england roots of american music education
    • pilgrims and puritans, declining quality of music, need for edu
    • developed as a result of fundamental diffs (old way vs. new way)
  2. why did the singing school decline?
    people grew wealthier as america's economy grew stronger. they could now enjoy european culture rather than american-made singing schools.

    new england music became "unscientific" because it did not conform to euro music (the new norm)

    growing belief that music should be in schools created decline in singing schools.
  3. why did music ed devel diff in n and s colonies?
    • edu was more publicly managed in the north, including the passing of the massacusetts bay colony laws in 1642 and others in surrounding colonies.
    • music was established in singing schools outside.
    • edu was private in the south.

    • south had many touring musicians/performances, great need for musicians.
    • south was stratified, only wealthy participated.
  4. systems of notation
    shape notes in late 1700s, then became associated with rural people and were abandoned.
  5. plato
    music and gymnastics
  6. devel of exact notation
    st. odo of Cluny and guido d'arezzo
  7. why is luther important
    the schools established under the influence of his religious teachings included music in the curriculum
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