Chapter 27-28 Quiz

  1. *Captain Alfred Thayer
    Said that a nation’s greatness is measured by its naval power; book, The influence of Sea Power on History
  2. *“Big Sister” Policy
    The US would protect and intervene on behalf of Latin American nations
  3. *Maine Explosion/Jingo:
    The American ship, Maine, blew up in Spanish harbor. The jingos called for war with this jingle “Remember the Maine, to hell with Spain”
  4. *The “Rough Riders”
    Were volunteer soldiers recruited by Teddy Roosevelt and led by Colonel Leonard Wood.
  5. *The Foraker Act of 1900:
    Puerto Rico becomes a US territory and keeps freedom.
  6. *Platt Amendment:
    Cuba cannot make agreements with other countries to put independence in danger, has to let us have Guantanamo Bay for naval station, cannot build up excessive debt, US can intervene to help maintain efficient, independent government.
  7. *Open Door note:
    US wants China to remain “open” to missionaries and also open as a market and not be colonized by other nations
  8. *Boxer Rebellion causes and results:
    Caused by a secret society trying to drive out imperialists in China. All the powerful nations, Russia, England, and US united against the rebels and won. Called boxers because of their martial arts skills
  9. *Open Door Note:
    Reissued after the Boxer rebllion by the US and China remains open for missionaries and for marketing
  10. *Roosevelt Corollary/“Bad Neighbor” policy:
    Extends the Monroe Doctrine and says US will use military force to prevent European interference. Causes a lot of distrust.
  11. *Jacob A. Riis:
    Documented NY slums with photography in How the Other Half Lives
  12. *Muckrakers:
    Writers who exposed wrongs in business and society.
  13. *17th Amendment:
    Direct election of senators
  14. *Lochner vs. New York:
    No ten hour day for bakers
  15. *Triangle Shirtwaist Company in NYC:
    Bad place to work because of violations of the fire code and locking the doors during work. During a fire, 146 women died.
  16. *Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU):
    Led by Francis E. Willard and 1 million women still trying to get America to sober up.
  17. *Square Deal/3 C’s:
    Control of corporations, consumer protection, and conservation.
  18. *Elkins Act:
    Heavy fines for RR rebates
  19. *Interstate Commerce Commission:
    Power to nullify existing rates and set maximum rates
  20. *Meat Inspection Act:
    Provided a rating system for meat and inspection of processing plants.
  21. *Pure Food and Drug Act:
    Prevented mislabeling of food and drugs and also cleaned up the food industry.
  22. *The Newlands Act of 1902:
    Collected money from public lands in west and used them for irrigation projects.
  23. *Dollar Diplomacy,”
    Promoting US foreign policy or control of smaller governments through money.
  24. *Payne-Aldrich Bill:
    Reduced the tariff which was considered “the mother of all trusts.”
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