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    • Images of Men and Women in the Media: 10 Female Messages
    • 1. What really counts in getting ahead are good looks and personality, not brains.
    • 2. Real beauty comes from the products we buy.
    • 3. School is boring and a waste of time.
    • 4. Women can always rely on men for financial support.
    • 5. Boys will be boys and that's the way women like them.
    • 6. Feminism is irrelevant and young women shouldn't take it too seriously.
    • 7. When it comes to men, other women can't be trusted.
    • 8. Males need more freedom than females.
    • 9. Women should accept the fact that men sometimes need to use force to get their way.
    • 10. A woman's beauty and value decrease when she gets old.
  1. Images of Men and Women in the Media: 10 Male Messages
    • 1. "Real" men don't show their emotions.
    • 2. "Real" men are assertive and don't waste time discussing problems.
    • 3. Competition is natural to men.
    • 4. To get ahead in life, you have to depend on your brains and initiative.
    • 5. Males find power, violence, and war exciting.
    • 6. Females are fun, but don't get attached. They threaten a man's freedom.
    • 7. Men are inquiring, scientific, and adventurous.
    • 8. Heroes overcome all obstacles.
    • 9. When females say "no", they don't mean it.
    • 10. The man's the boss.
  2. Nora to Ned: What are three realizations Nora had about men?
    • They are very welcoming to other men
    • Intimacy lacking between men
    • Men suffer just as much as women do
  3. Nora to Ned: How do men show affection for each other
    Through mocking
  4. Nora to Ned: Differences in sexuality b/w men and women
    • Men - its more physical bc mote testosterone
    • Women - its mental
  5. The Brain Game: Differences between men and women brain
    Men have no interaction b/w two sides of brain .: more spatial, tunnel vision, motor skills

    Women have interaction b/w two sides of brain .: multitasking, better senses, more verbal
  6. The Brain Game: 5 key qualities of men
    • 10x more testosterone than women .: think about sex more often
    • Brains are immature until 20 years old
    • Big risk takers
    • Aggressive
    • Strong and big
  7. The Brain Game: 5 key qualities of women
    • More estrogen .: feel more long-term, romantic love
    • Very verbal and good memory
    • Selective in romantic partners
    • Better at identifying emotions in others
    • Nurturing
  8. What is a gender cue relating to toys, specific to each gender?
    • Boys = trucks
    • Girls = dolls
  9. According to the modern fairytale Sleeping Ugly, what is the secret to happiness?
    To be caring and loving
  10. What prominent message does Sleeping Ugly portray?
    Being beautiful on the inside is more important than physical beauty.
  11. 9 Inappropriate Messages Within Traditional Fairytales
    • 1. Female characters always saved by male characters
    • 2. Characters mostly white
    • 3. Good characters are pretty
    • 4. Bad characters are ugly
    • 5. Happiness = being wealthy
    • 6. Happiness = finding your prince
    • 7. Always have happy endings
    • 8. Parents not present
    • 9. Backdrop is usually a wealthy kingdom with royals
  12. What are five of the messages in magazines targeted at females?
    • You must have perf skin
    • You must have great hair
    • You must wear makeup
    • You must be skinny
    • You must be healthy
  13. What are five of the messages in magazines targeted at males?
    • You must be athletic or like sports
    • You must drive fast cars
    • You must be tall and muscular and lean
    • You must like alcohol
    • You must love to eat
  14. What is the main cause of self esteem drops in adolescence?
    The struggle b/w the image a girl has of herself and the image of what society tells her a woman should be like.
  15. What three ideas does Seventeen magazine enforce?
    • A woman should be more concerned with:
    • -her appearance
    • -her relations w others
    • -her ability to win approval from men
  16. What are the six gender cues?
    • Abilities
    • Strengths
    • Treatment by others
    • Careers
    • Physique and appearance
    • Clothing
  17. What is socialization?
    The process of learning the basic skills, values, beliefs, and behaviours expected by society.
  18. What are the five agents of socialization?
    Family - teach u how to love, morals and values, and responsibilites

    Peers - teach u what's acceptable and what's not, how to act, peer pressure

    School - teach u rules, career path, and knowledge

    Media - influences ur views on music, fashion, romance, violence, and appearance

    Church and Religion - teach u rules to live by, views of da afterlife, and the meaning of life
  19. What's nature
    We are the way we are bc of our genetics
  20. What's nurture
    We are the way we are bc of our environment
  21. Who are Jack and Oscar
    Identical twins raised in totally different environments (Catholic in Germany and Jew in Trinidad)
  22. What are the similarities b/w Jack and Oscar other than appearance
    • Both had mustaches
    • Both wore wire-rimmed glasses
    • Both had short tempers
    • Both liked pranks (esp pretending they were about to sneeze in a crowded elevator)
  23. Who is Pascal?
    A "wild child" or feral child who had been raised by wolves in the forest
  24. What was Pascal like after they found him (4)
    • Had trouble standing
    • Could not walk or talk
    • Had sharp canine teeth
    • Behaved like a wolf even after being in human compant for five years
  25. Who was the Brazilian man
    Gilson Cicero da Silva is a 33 y o man whose father locked him up in a cage for 25 years when he was 8 bc he thought his son was mentally ill.
  26. What was Gilson like when cops found him (3)
    • Underfed
    • Could not walk or talk
    • Behaved like an animal
  27. What is an isolate
    A person who's been isolated from the world for a very long time; like a feral child.
  28. Describe the U of Minnesota experiment (3)
    • In 1979
    • More than 350 pairs of twins tested for a week
    • To determine the importance of heredity vs environment in human development
  29. Why were twins used in u of m exp
    Bc their genetics are 99% the same
  30. Results of the U of M experiment?
    • More than 50% of traits measured found to be due to heredity
    • Findings strongly support nature
  31. "The family still shapes the broad suggestion of personality offered by heredity" what this mean
    Fam has big influence and can either enhance or lessen ur genetic traits
  32. Why is it important twins raised together ans twins raised.apart
    In order to compare their similarities and differences to determine how much of it is hereditary and how much of it is environmental.
  33. What conclusions were drawn b/w twins raised together and those raised apart
    Both groups were found to be still similar, sharing the same personality traits
  34. What 8 traits were found to be strongly determined by heredity?
    • Leadership
    • Obedience to authority
    • Well-being
    • Zest for life
    • Alienation
    • Vulnerability
    • Fearfulness
    • Ambition
  35. Other than genetics,what causes TB (2)
    • Peoples environment and social class
    • Poverty
  36. What are 2 incidents where genetics has been used as an excuse to mistreat ppl
    • The Nazi holocaust bc Jews Aryan race etc.
    • Singapore bc prime minister created bad program
  37. What percent do genes account for when it comes to the ability to recognize pitch?
  38. What 2 factors came into play when converting ability into greatness in music?
    • Physical.development
    • Dedication to instrument
  39. How many twins in music.experiment
  40. How many twins in humour.experiment
  41. In humour experiment, what is suggested?
    Shared environment rather than genetics contributes to cartoon appreciation.
  42. Harlow's Monkey Study: what is it and what was the objective
    He seperated baby monkeys from their mothers and placed with two surrogate mothers made of wire with a feeding apparatus and of cloth with no feeding apparatus.

    Objective was to see which of the mothers the monkeys would stay with the longest.
  43. Harlow's Monkey Study: what were the results
    Babies preferred the cloth mother and stayed with it for up to 23 hours a day, only went to wire mother when it was hungry.
  44. Harlow's Monkey Study: what strange behaviors happened to the babies when they grew older
    • -moved in circles
    • -stared vavantly and rocked back and forth
    • -introverted
    • -didn't know proper mating behaviour of monkeys
    • -females who became mothers were either indifferent or abusive to their young ones
  45. Harlow's Monkey Study: second generation monkeys...
    Never stopped trying to be close to their mothers
  46. Societal Expectations for Males (8)
    • Not show emotion
    • Show more aggression
    • Not walk away from a fight
    • Have nice body
    • Being the hero
    • Expected to be a leader
    • Expected to date younger women
    • Be gentlemen
  47. Societal ExpectAtions of Females (8)
    • Ladylike
    • Fragile vulnerable
    • Vain
    • Do chores
    • Married w children
    • Marry rich
    • Family oriented
    • Passive aggressive
  48. How is the power of men displayed in the media? (4)
    • 1. Makes usually portrayed to be looking at the female, making her his object
    • 2. Man-handling of females
    • 3. Males w multiple women
    • 4. Males shown as being disinterested
  49. Footloose and Gender Free: Who is Storm
    Genderless baby
  50. Footloose and Gender Free: What arguments have critics made (2)
    • -parents imposing their views on a newborn
    • -children would be ridiculed
  51. Footloose and Gender Free: what do storms parents believe about children and which theorist agrees w this
    Believe kids can make meaningful decisions for themselves from an early age and Piaget agreed
  52. Why is gender limiting
    Bc it tells us what we can and can't do or how to behave based on our gender. Also ppl think that sex determines gender. Just cuz I have a vagina doesnt mean that I feel like I'm a girl. It's all between the ears.
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