Jazz Final pt 3

  1. Cootie Williams
    trumpet player, used plunger mute
  2. Scott Lafarro-
    • bass player- played with Bill Evans 1961- had awesome technique –revolutionized

    • the bass in the 60’s
  3. Jaco Pastorious

    bass player- revolutionized the technical aspects of the bass in the 70’s

  4. Chet Baker-

    trumpet- contrapuntal style-west coast- NO PIANO in the group

  5. Django Rheinhart-

    guitar- missing 2 fingers- 1st great European quartet-no drums

  6. Paul Chambers-

    Miles Davis- Kind of Blue- Prestige

  7. Art Blakey-

    drummer- hard bop-Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers

  8. Stan Getz-
    • tenor

    • sax- Bosso Nova craze- Brazilian
  9. Art Tatum-
    • played

    • with no one. played solo piano
  10. John Coltrane-
    • trumpet- hard bop: 3 periods- early,

    • middle, late.
  11. Clifford Brown-
    • trumpet

    • – hard bop- Pent up house- used augmentation
  12. Dave Brubeck-

    west coast- Blue Rondo A La Turk-

  13. Herbie Hancock-

    piano- played with Miles’s 2nd quartet- fusion album Head Hunters

  14. Miles Davis-
    • trumpet- played with Gil Evans- turned directions in 1959, Bitches Brew(4

    • decades of jazz,)
  15. Thelonious Monk-

    High priest of Bop- unorthodox way of composing. Piano.

  16. Charlie Christian-
    • guitar- played with Benny Goodman-

    • Breakfast feud- first to use amps.
  17. Antonio Carlos Jobim-

    Brazilian- Bosso Novas- played with Stan Getz, wrote Brazilian pop music

  18. Billy Strayhorn-

    alter ego of Ellington- Lush Life-

  19. Benny Goodman-

    clarinet- King of Swing- from a Jewish Ghetto- fired workers- Polamer ballroom

  20. Duke Ellington-

    suites, sacred concerts

  21. Count Basie-

    piano- Kansas City Swing – took over Bennie Moten’s band

  22. Gil Evans-
    • worked

    • with Miles- arranger of miles work in the 50’s
  23. Congo Square
    • Louis Armstrong Park now. slaves congregated
    • & danced
  24. Weather Report-

    synthesizers- fusion music. Birdland

  25. Chet Baker-Mulligan

    no piano – counterpoint- music horizontally instead of vertically

  26. Common format
    (instrumentation) of hard bop group
    • quintet- piano bass drums trumpet

    • tenor sax
  27. Common format
    (instrumentation) of swing period group
    • 5 sax 3-4 trombones 3-4 trumpets 4

    • piece rhythm
  28. Slonimsky Thesaurus-

    Coltrane got deeply involved

  29. Smooth Jazz

    definitions- just as easy to listen to as to ignore- polite funk music

  30. Chromatics

    adds color

  31. Influenced by French

    Bix Beiderbeck, Bill Evans

  32. Forms

    AABA(popular music), AABBACCDD(ragtime), Blues
  33. Augmentation-
    • to

    • lengthen a musical phrase (longer note values)
  34. Lester Young
    influenced who?
    • Saxophonist from the west coast jazz period Trumbauer

    • influenced young
  35. Fusion
    • roots

    • and origins- sly, james brown, 1960s miles
  36. Funk
    • origins of

    • the word- EWF hard bop
  37. Supermetric-


  38. Cotton Club-

    Ellington plunger mute started here Played for 4 years

  39. Equal Contribution

    Bill Evans

  40. Neotraditionalists-

    Wynton Marsalis

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