CDC 5 Aerospace Propultion

  1. After reviewing the aricraft/engine forms, where should you begin troubleshooting?
    Observe guage indications.
  2. All of the options listed below are proper troubleshooting practices except
    indpecting other areas after isolating the trouble between points.
  3. Aircraft power plant and engine intermediate maintenance technical orders (TO) contain information on troubleshooting . This information is presented in the form of
    troubleshooting charts.
  4. To become an expert troubleshooter, you must
    understand the function of each unit within each system.
  5. The F100-PW-220 engine monitoring system component that acquires fault data from the digital electronic engine control (DEEC) and logs the faults with the time of their occurrence is the
    engine diagnostic unit (EDU)
  6. An understanding of the operating principles of engine instruments will help you decide
    the meanings of the instrument readings.
  7. Most engine monitoring gauges and instruments require some type of
    transmitter and indicator.
  8. Which jet engine temperature is not measured?
    Combustion inlet.
  9. A typical jet engine exhaust gas temperatur (EGT) endicating system contains thermocouples, leads, an indicator, and
    a resistor.
  10. The engine fuel-flow indicating system of most jet powered aircraft contains a fuel-flow
    transmitter and a fuel-flow indicator.
  11. The fuel system component of a jet engine that operates by using a water wheel concept is the
    fuel-flow transmitter.
  12. The fuel-flow indicator indicates the rate of fuel-flow as
    pounds per hour.
  13. Two units that work together to indicate that the oil system is operating correctly are the oil pressure
    transmitter and indicator.
  14. The oil pressure indicator recieves an electrical signal from the
  15. The tow primary units of the tachometer indicating system are the tachometer generator and tachometer
  16. The N2 tachometer generator is usually driven from the tachometer drive located on the
    engine accessory section.
  17. The tachometer indicator is
    an electric-magnetic-drag-type instrument.
  18. The exhaust nozzle position indicating system found on engines with afterburners is important because it
    helps the pilot determine engine power.
  19. On engines with afterburners, the position of the exhaust nozzzle is converted into an electrical signal by a
  20. One type of overheat detector unit used on aircraft engines consists of a hollow stainless-steel tube that covers
    two silver contacts.
  21. What is used to indicate the amount of thrust a dual-compressor engine is producing?
    Engine pressure ratio (EPR).
  22. The pressures used in the operation of the engine pressure ratio (EPR) system are the
    engine inlet total pressure and exhaust total pressure.
  23. Inlet pressure (Pt2) is transmitted from its sensing point
    through tubing.
  24. The direct oil pressure gauge o a test cell is connected to an engine oil pressure line. This configuration will indicate oil pressure without using wiring, indicator, or
    aircraft transmitter.
  25. The test cell exhaust gas temperatur (EGT) selector allows selection of
    individual thermocouple inputs or an average of these inputs.
  26. When properly adjusted, the accuracy of the test cell N1 and N2 speed indicator will be within
    2 RPM.
  27. The test cell IC temperature indicator desplays temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit, witha range of
    -50 to +1600 degrees.
  28. What type of vibration causes unnecessary engine removals and unwarranted repairs?
    Externally excited.
  29. What kind of engine vibration does not persist, but comes and goes?
  30. During vibration analysis, frequency is usually measured in
    cycles per second.
  31. Forces acting to create vibration in a jet engine present a highly complex patter. This is because the main rotor
    functions as a flexible rotor system.
  32. During vibration analysis, why is it necessary to measure all parameters to identify a vibration source?
    Displacement may be the same in two completely different problems.
  33. The two types of tranducers used to measure vibration are
    velocity and piezoelectric accelerometer.
  34. Which type of vibration transducer is made up of certain ceramic compounds and natural crystals?
    Piezoelectric accelerometer.
  35. The filter selector switch on the vibration analyzer is used to
    allow selection of the necessary filter.
  36. What is used to support the fan and low pressure turbine?
  37. What procedure is used to ensure the fan and low pressure turbine are correctly balanced?
    Fan rotor trim balance.
  38. The carbon seal tester sumulates the effects of
    compressor airflow through the carbon seal.
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