A&P chapter one

  1. anatomy
    study of structure
  2. physiology
    study of function
  3. homestasis
    balance; the tendency of an organism or a cell to regulate its internal conditions
  4. cells
    the basic structural functional and biological unit in living organisms
  5. order of organizations
    • cells
    • tissue-group of cells
    • organs-group of tissue
    • organ system-group of organs
  6. feedback loop
    • goal is to maintain homeostasis
    • 99% are negative feedback loop
  7. negative feedback loop
    Image Upload 1
  8. feedback loop
    • stimulus(talking, cold outside, etc)
    • receptor(hearing, senses, sensory/afferent
    • brain(processing/integrating
    • motor response/action (motor/efferent)
  9. positive feedback loop
    makes the feedback stronger instead of equalizing( labor and delivery)
  10. anatomical position
    • Image Upload 2
    • facing forward with palms out
  11. median saggital line
    line right down the middle of the body dividing the body into left and right
  12. lateral
    away from midline
  13. medial
    towards the midline
  14. anterior(ventral)
    front of the body
  15. posterior(dorsal)
    back of body
  16. superior
    • above
    • the nose is superior to your belly button
  17. inferior
    • below
    • belly button is inferior to your nose
  18. point of origin
    • point where something begins
    • hip/leg
    • shoulder/arm
  19. proximal
    towards point of origin
  20. distal
    away from point of origin
  21. supign/supination
    • laying on back
    • palms are supinated in anatomical position
  22. prone/pronation
    laying face down
  23. ADducting
    to add(to go towards miImage Upload 3dline)
  24. ABducting
    to take away(go away fromImage Upload 4 midline)
  25. (flex)sion
    • decreasing the angle of aImage Upload 5 joint
    • flexing your arm
  26. extension
    • increasing the angle of a joint
    • if closer to trunk if moving structure anterior its flexion if posterior its eImage Upload 6xtension
  27. lateral flexion
    Image Upload 7bending to side away from midline
  28. rotation
    • rotate left or right
    • rotating the trunk
  29. medial/internal rotation
    Image Upload 8towards inside of body
  30. lateral/external rotation
    rotate away from inside of body
  31. cephalic/cephalad
    towards the head
  32. cranial
    skull bones of head
  33. facial
  34. cervical
    neck bones in neck spinal column in neck
  35. auxillary
  36. brachium/brachial
    upper arm
  37. anti brachium
    • lower arm
    • forearm
  38. thorax
    chest shoulder to lower ribs
  39. thoracic
    part of spine in thorax
  40. abdomen
    lower trunk
  41. scapula
    shoulder blade
  42. gluteal
    muscles of bottom
  43. sacral
    bones in gluteal area
  44. coccyx
    Image Upload 9tailbone
  45. thigh
    upper leg
  46. patella
    knee cap
  47. popliteal
    back of knee
  48. leg
    lower leg
  49. dorsum
    back of hand
  50. palmar
    palm of hand
  51. dorsum
    top of foot
  52. plantar
    bottom of foot
  53. Image Upload 10
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