Global 9H Midterm Review - Essay

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  1. Outline an essay about why golden ages happen and what goes into it. Use two examples of civilizations experiencing golden ages, and what type of golden age it was.
    • A golden age is a period of great wealth, relative peace, and a greater than usual number of talented individuals in a given place.
    • Greece had a literary and artistic golden age. It was funded with money from the Delian League. Philosophy flourished, idealistic art pieces such as the Nike of Samothrace and the Discobolus were created. Structures such as the Parthenon were created. It was also called the age of Pericles.
    • Rome had a pragmatic golden age where engineering flourished. The goal was to increase the started of living. It was funded with money made from controlling the Mediterranean Sea. Practical developments such as roads, arches, aqueducts, and colosseums.
    • China's golden age of technological and medicinal developments occurred during the Han dynasty. One official developed a method of paper making using wood pulp, which is still used to manufacture paper today. They also invented steering rudders, suspension bridges, and stirrups which were important for mounting horses. They also diagnosed diseases, experimented with herbal remedies, and explored acupuncture.
    • India experienced a golden age of math and science developments during the Gupta empire.
  2. Outline an essay about how religion creates rules, guidelines, morals, values, rights and wrongs. Use two examples of civilizations and the affect religions had on them.
    • Religion creates rules, guidelines, and morals for society.
    • Christianity teaches brotherhood, respect, and charity through Jesus Christ's teachings and the Ten Commandments. Many christians in the Roman Republic were martyrs, people who were killed for their religious beliefs because they sacrificed themselves in order for the religion to be spread and the greater good of the religion. This taught to help the community first.
    • Hinduism spread the idea of the Caste System, which is a social class ranking. If a person performs their job well in their current life and doesn't complain, they will have a better social ranking in the next life, and if they don't do it well they well move down in the caste system.
  3. Outline an essay about how geography affects the developments of civilizations and cultural diffusion. Use two examples of civilizations experiencing golden ages, and what type of golden age it was.
    • Geography is the physical features of Earth that affect human behaviors. Cultural diffusion is the spreading of ideas between cultures and is affected by geography.
    • Greece had mountains and an irregular coastline that provided natural harbors. The mountains caused independent city-states and decreased cultural diffusion. The irregular coastlines increased cultural diffusion. Near mountains, there was low population density and near the coastline there was high population density.
    • Rome had no natural borders in the northern part of the western half of the empire. This eventually caused the downfall of Rome, because it was very expensive to have guards stationed there, and eventually Germanic tribes broke through. The Mediterranean Sea was a vital part of Rome's economy once they gained control of it from Carthage. They used it to trade, which increased cultural diffusion.
    • China had mountains and many natural borders. This caused isolation. In the areas without borders, the Great Wall of China was built which led to ethnocentrism, the belief that one's culture is superior. This decreased cultural diffusion. China traded through the Silk Road which increased their cultural diffusion and allowed them to learn new ideas.
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