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  1. process of scope management
    process that includes the following sub-processes: collect requirements, define scope, create WBS, verify scope, control scope
  2. scope management
    doing all the work, and only the work, included in the project. Determining if work is included in the project or not
  3. integration management process
    the process in which the scope management plan is created
  4. key outputs of collect requirements process
    requirements documentation, requirements management plan and requirements traceability matrix
  5. key output of define scope process
    project scope statement
  6. key outputs of create WBS process
    work breakdown structure (WBS), WBS dictionary, and scope baseline
  7. key outputs of verify scope process
    accepted deliverables, change requests, and project document updates
  8. key outputs of control scope process
    work performance measurements, change requests, updates to the project management plan and project documents
  9. requirements gathering techniques
    interviewing, focus groups, facilitated workshops, brainstorming, affinity diagrams, questionnaires, prototypes
  10. elements in a requirements traceability matrix
    requirement identification number, source of the requirement, who is assigned to manage the requirement, and status of the requirement
  11. project scope statement
    a written description of the project deliverables and the work required to create those deliverables
  12. items in a project scope statement
    product scope, project scope, deliverables, product acceptance criteria, what is not part of the project, and constraints and assumptions
  13. define scope process
    part of the scope management process where product analysis occurs
  14. work breakdown structure
    created during project planning by the team and used to define or decompose the project into smaller, more manageable pieces. It is used to help determine project staffing, estimating, scheduling, and risk management
  15. elements of a wbs
    hierarchy, interrelationships between tasks, work packages, control account, and numbering system
  16. decomposition
    the process of subdividing major deliverables into smaller, more manageable components
  17. wbs dictionary
    a description of the work to be done for each work package
  18. differences between work packages and activities
    activities are generated from work packages, work packages are shown in the WBS, activities are shown in an activity list and network diagram
  19. verify scope process
    the process of formalizing acceptance of the project scope by the stakeholders/customer. It is done during project monitoring and controlling and at the end of each phase of the project life cycle.
  20. product scope
    requirements that relate to the product of the project
  21. project scope
    project work needed to accomplish the product scope
  22. elements of scope baseline
    project scope statement, WBS, and WBS dictionary
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