Geography 1

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  1. Context hazards
    Widespread global threat due to environmental factors such as climate change
  2. Geophysical hazard
    A hazard formed by geological/tectonic processes (earth quakes)Image Upload 1
  3. Hydro meteorological hazard
    A hazard caused by hydrological (floods) and atmospheric (storms and droughts) processesImage Upload 2
  4. Vulnerability
    A high risk combined with an inability of individuals and communities of cope
  5. Disaster
    A hazard becoming a reality in an event that causes deaths and damage to goods and the environment
  6. Risk
    The probability of a hazard event occurring and creating loss of livelihoods and lives
  7. Albedo
    How much solar radiation a surface reflects
  8. Climate change
    A long term trend or shift in climate ( average weather over 30 years ) detected-by a  sustained shift in the average value for any climatic event ( rainfall,storminess)
  9. Enhanced green house effect
    This occurs when the level of green house gases in the atmosphere increase owing to human activity
  10. global warming"
    The recently measured rise in the average surface temperature of the planet
  11. Green house effect
    The warming of the earths atmosphere due to the trapping of the heat that would otherwise be radiated back into space-enabled the survival of life on earth
  12. Tipping point
    The point where the system switches from one stare to another
  13. frequency
    How often an event of a certain of a certain size (magnitude)occurs
  14. Magnitude
    The size of the event
  15. Asthenosphere
    A semi molten zone of rock underlying the earths crustImage Upload 3
  16. Conservative boundary
    A boundary between plates where the movement of the plates is parallel to the plate margin and the plates slide past each otherImage Upload 4
  17. constructive boundary
    A boundary between plates where the plates are diverging or moving apartImage Upload 5
  18. Destructive boundary
    A boundary between plates with a plates of converging (moving together)Image Upload 6
  19. lithosphere
    The crust of the earth around 80/90 km thick
  20. Magma
    Molten material that rises to the earth surfaces when hotspots within the asthenosphere generate convection currents
  21. natural hazard
    A natural event or process which affects people e.g. causing loss of life or injury, economic damage, disruption to peoples lives
  22. Plates
    rigid ,less dense slabs of rock floating on asthenosphere
  23. Hotspot
    A localised area of the earths crust with an unusually high temperatureImage Upload 7
  24. Plume
    And upwelling of abnormally hot rock within the earths mantle
  25. Intertropical convergence zone
    A zone of your atmospheric pressure near the Equator this migrates seasonally
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