leadership and followership

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  1. What is the definition of leadership?
    • the ability to influence other people
    • enabling people to move "in the same direction, toward the same destination, at the same speed, not because they have been forced to, but because the want to" (Lansdale)
  2. What is the definition of followership?
    Active participation by a skilled, self-directed employee who actively participates in settin the group's direction, invests his or her time and energy in the work of the group, thinks critivally, and advocates for new ideas (Grossman & Valiga)
  3. What are the 3 primary task for leaders in health care?
    • develop a sense of direction and purpose
    • build group commitment to the same goals
    • face the challenges that arise in the healthcare setting
  4. What are the 6 leadership theories?
    • 1. Trait theories
    • 2. Behavioral Theories
    • 3. Situational Theories
    • 4. Transformational Theories
    • 5. Moral Theories
    • 6. Servant Theory
  5. Which leadership theory has the idea that leaders are born, not made. Being a leader is innate?
    Trait theory
  6. Which leadership theory is concerned with what the leader does/ how they behave based on a certain situation?
    Behavioral theory
  7. What are the five styles of behavioral theories?
    • 1. autocratic (authoritarian, controlling, directive) leadership
    • 2. democratic (participative) leadership
    • 3. laissez-faire (permissive, nondirective) leadership
    • 4. task vs. relationship
    • 5. moral leadership
  8. A leader that gives orders and make decisions for the whole group is demonstrating what type of behavioral theory?
    autocratic leadership
  9. A leader that shares leaderships, allow for important decisions to be made jointly, plans for change to be made jointly demonstrates what type of behavioral theory?
    democratic leadership
  10. A leader that does very little planning or decision making & fails to encourage others to do so demonstrates what type of behavioral theory?
    laissez-faire leadership
  11. A leader that may focus only on what the task is that needs to be done and disregards any relationships in the middle or vice versa a leader that focuses on the interpersonal relationships so that everyone gets along and disregards the tasks that need to be done is demonstrating what type of behavioral theory?
    task vs realtionship
  12. A leader that is oriented to the values and ethics that guide the practice of leadership and the client care provided demonstrated what type of behavioral theory?
    moral leadership
  13. Which leadership theory where the key approach is adaptability. More complex set of theory that is based on the idea that what works for one group may not work for all groups. Recognizes that a leader must consider many factors when deciding what action to take?
    Situational theory
  14. Which leadership theory emphasizes that people need a sense of mission that goes beyond good interpersonal relationships or the appropriate reward for a job well done?
    transformational leadership
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