World Civ Ch 4 Sec 2

  1. What is oligarchy?
    Power is in the hands of a small, powerful elite usually from the business class.
  2. What is democracy?
    Rule by the people.
  3. What is monarchy?
    Hereditary ruler.
  4. What is an acropolis?
    • A high city.
    • Often a temple to the town diety.
  5. What is Phalanx?
    • A type of military formation.
    • -Requires long hours of training.
  6. Sparta
    What were Spartan boys train to be?
  7. Life in Sparta
    What were girls trained to be?
    Gymnasts, wrestlers, & boxers to strengthen their bodies.
  8. Why were they trained to be like this?
    • So they could protect the city while the men were at war.
    • & some Spartan women ran the family business while the men were out fighting a war.
  9. Athens
    Reforms of Solon
    What did Solon do?
    Outlawed slavery.
  10. Reforms of Cleisthenes
    What did the assemly (legislature) do?
    Passed laws & acted as supreme court.
  11. Life in Athens
    How was Athens different from Sparta?
    Athens developed the mind & the body, where Sparta only developed the body.
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