Chapter 2 PMP Framework

  1. Project
    * Is a temporary endeavor with a beginning and an end. * Creates a unique product, service, or result
  2. Difference between Operational and Project Work
    operation work is ongoing, project work ends
  3. "Program" definition
    A program is a group of projects. Management is coordinated since projects are related. Can include efforts like th program mgr's coordination and mgt activites
  4. "Portfolio" definition
    A group of programs to achieve a specific strategic business goal. Programs may not be related, but achieve common strategic goal.
  5. 3 Roles of PMO
    1. Provides policies, methodologies, and templates 2. Provides support & guidance on projects 3. Provides project managers for projects & responsible for results of those projects.
  6. 3 steps of Management by Objectives (MBO)
    1. Establish unambiguous & realstic objectives 2. Periodically evaluate if objectives are being met 3. Implement corrective action
  7. What are the project constraints
    Time, Cost, Risk, Scope, Quality, Resources, Or any other factors that limit options (eg. customer sat)
  8. What is OPM3?
    PMI's organizational project management maturity model.
  9. What is a Functional Organization
    Most common form of organization
  10. What is Projectized Organization
    Entire company is organized by projects
  11. What is Matrix Organization
    Attempt to maximize strengths of functional and projectized. Think "two bosses". Team members to project work in addition to normal dept work.
  12. Project Expediter
    Staff assistant or communication coordinator
  13. Project Coordinator
    Has some power to make decisions, some authority, and reports to a higher-level manager
  14. Product Life Cycle
    Lasts from the conception of a new product to its withdrawal.
  15. Project Life Cycle
    Sometimes referred to as the performing organization's or dept's methodology for projects
  16. What form of Project Mgmt includes conception and growth?
    This is not part of project management but are alternative product life cycles.
  17. What are the Project Management Processes
    Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Control, Closing
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Chapter 2 PMP Framework
Chapter 2 PMP Framework