HSP3U1 Anthro

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  1. What are the agents of socialization?
    • School
    • peer groups
    • the work place
    • media
    • religion
    • family
  2. Agents of Socialization: Explain School
    • teaches students a curriculum
    • socialize students 
    • demonstrate important behaviors
    • such as punctuality, self-reliance, teamwork, competiveness, and obedience
  3. Agents of Socialization: Explain Peer groups
    • people of the same age
    •  opportunity to learn skills such as communication, collaboration and compromise
    • responsible for teaching the individual about sexual relationships and stands in direct opposition to the values taught by the individuals family
  4. Agents of Socialization: Explain The Workplace
    • learn about work
    • explore one’s future
    • learn how to provide for yourself
  5. Agents of Socialization: Explain Religion
    • have moral codes
    • have set standards of behavior
    • important of charity (volunteering
    • or mandatory donations)
  6. Agents of Socialization: Media
    • includes television, radio, movies etc
    • time spent watching tv means time away from others (isolation)
    • the media normalizes violence through video games especially
  7. Charles Darwin (1809-1882)
    • unveiled his theory of evolution in 1859
    • the theory fuelled a controversial debate with creationists about the truth of our existence
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