Mach source, compound type, precursor, chemistry

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  1. vinblastine source
    Madagascar Periwinkle
  2. vinblastine and vincristine structure
    • bisindole alkaloid
    • indole-dihydroindole
  3. vinblastine indole nitrogen and acids
    doesn't form salts with acids
  4. vinblastine dihydroindole and acids
    forms salts with acids
  5. vinblastine color
  6. vincristine source
    Madagascar periwinkle
  7. difference between vincristine and vinblastine structure
    • vincristine has N1 CHO
    • vinblastine has N1 CH3
  8. vinorelbine
    Semi-synthetic from vinblastine
  9. vinorelbine chemistry
    • same as vinblastine, except without CH2 group at C8
    • and dehydration across C3' and C4' bond
  10. vinorelbine salt
    water soluble tartrate
  11. vincristine and vinblastine salt
    water soluble sulfate salt
  12. vintafolide source
    • investigational
    • semi-synthetic from vinblastine
    • orphan drug status in EU
  13. vintafolide chemistry
    • peptide side chain at C3
    • deacetyl at C4
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