A&P I Body Cavities

  1. body cavities
    • dorsal 
    • ventral
    • abdominopelvic
  2. dorsal body cavity
    protects the fragile nervous system organs
  3. The dorsal body cavity contains...
    • cranial cavity
    • vertebral/spinal cavity
  4. cranial cavity
    the skull encases the brain
  5. vertebral/spinal cavity
    runs within the bony vertebral column; encloses the delicate spinal cord
  6. ventral body cavity
    • the more anterior and larger of the closed body cavities 
    • houses internal organs collectively called the viscera or visceral organs
  7. ventral body cavity contains...
    • thoracic cavity
    • abdominopelvic cavity
  8. thoracic cavity
    surrounded by the ribs and muscles of the chest
  9. the thoracic cavity contains...
    • pleural cavities 
    • mediastinum
  10. pleural cavity
    each envelops a lung
  11. mediastinum
    contains the pericardial cavity and surrounds the remaining thoracic organs (esophagus, trachea…)
  12. the mediastinum contains...
    pericardial cavity
  13. pericardial cavity
    encloses the heart
  14. abdominal cavity
    contains the stomach, intestines, liver, spleen, and others
  15. pelvic cavity
    lies in the bony pelvis and contains the urinary bladder, some reproductive organs, and the rectum
  16. oral cavity
    • mouth; continuous with digestive
    • contains teeth and tongue
  17. nasal cavity
    located within the posterior to the nose; part of the respiratory system passageways
  18. orbital cavities
    in the skull, house the eyes and present them in an anterior position
  19. middle ear cavities
    lie just medial to the eardrums
  20. synorial cavities
    joint cavities; enclosed within fibrous capsules that surround freely movable joints of the body (elbow, knee)
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