Aclands Anatomy (facial muscles and the scalp)

  1. Muscle that surrounds the palpebral aperture responsible for closing the eye, what are its 2 parts and their function?
    • Orbicularis Oculi
    • Palpebral part (thin and closes the eye gently) and orbital part (closes the eyes tightly)
  2. The medial palpebral ligament gives rise to the
    Orbicularis Oculi
  3. Muscle that covers the oral commisure and is joined and overlayed by other facial muscles with its deeper fibers continuous with the Buccinator.
    Orbicularis Oris
  4. The hollow between the Buccinator and the Masseter is filled with the
    Buccal fat pad, continues with the fat that covers the front of the cheek
  5. Which two muscles bull on the orbicularis oris from above and behind?
    • Risorius
    • Zigomatic major (inserts on zygomatic bone)
  6. Muscles that pull on the obicularis oris from above, all of which arise from which bone?
    • Zygomaticus minorĀ 
    • Levator anguli Oris
    • Levator Labii Superioris
    • Maxilla
  7. Muscle responsible for wrinkling the nose?
  8. Three muscles that join the Orbicularis oris from below are
    • Depressor Anguli Oris
    • Depressor Labii Inferioris
    • Mentalis
  9. Subcutaneous muscle that lies party in the face, but mainly in the neck, Inserts on the border of the base of the mandible and into the orbicularis complex
  10. The epicranium of the skull (Calvaria) is called _______ and what are its components?
    • Galea
    • Frontalis and Occipitalis
    • Superficial Temporal fascia
  11. Muscles responsible for the super ciliary movements?
    • Depressor Supercilli
    • Procerus
    • Corrugator supercilli
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