History Final

  1. What was Roosevelt's greatest accomplishment when mobilizing the home front?
    his inspiring of industrialists, workers, and farmers with a sense of national purpose
  2. What were two reasons why the marriage rate rose steeply during the war?
    They were put off b/c of the great depression, Young couples were feeling the need to put down roots before the husbands went off to risk death
  3. What was one of the reasons whites decided to reexamine their views on race?
    Black leaders pointed out the inconsistency between fighting for democracy abroad (Hitler’s treatment of Jews) and ignoring it at home
  4. How were women affected by the war?
    more women got men's jobs, women who did not work were forced to move to centers of production and left at home with no friends in cramped quarters
  5. How did air attacks affect Germany?
    hampered war production, tangled communications, and brought the war home to Germany
  6. Why could Stalin not see why Americans and Bristish were upset about the Soviet Union dominating Poland?
    Americans dominated many Latin American nations and supported unpopular regimes there
  7. __ nations called to draft a charter for the UN in ____ _________
    50, San Francisco
  8. What was the issue with Poland?
    Poland was left to decide its own gov’t as long as the policy was friendly to Russia, but the British felt like they had a moral obligation to restore Poland and Poland was anti-Russia
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