Maya, Agriculture, Calendars, and Xunantunich

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  1. who are the Maya
    Mesoamerican civilization
  2. when were the Maya established
    in the pre-classic period
  3. when was the pre classic period
    2000 BC
  4. when were the Mayans "thriving"
    during the classic period
  5. when was the classic period
    300-900 AD
  6. what are the 3 Maya groups in Belize
    • Mopan
    • Yucatec
    • Kekchi
  7. where are the Mopan maya from
  8. where did the mopan maya settle
  9. what city did the mopan maya establish
    San Antonio
  10. what is the mopan maya language derived from
  11. where are the yucatec maya from
    yucatan mexico
  12. where did the Yucatec maya settle
    northern belize
  13. what language do the yucatec speak
    mainly spanish
  14. where are the kekchi maya from
  15. what city did the kekchi establish
    San Pedro de Colombia
  16. where did the kekchi settle
  17. where did the kekchi language come from
  18. what are the medical practices a combo of
    blend between religion and science
  19. who practiced medical procedures
    by priest-inherited positions
  20. what did the mayans use for stitches
    human hair
  21. what did skilled dentist use
    stones like jade, turquoise, and obsidian
  22. what plants are used for medical practices
    • cacao
    • peppers
    • honey
    • avocado
    • almond
    • Lycopodium
  23. how many Gods of worship do the mayans have
  24. what was the first team sport in history
    the ball game
  25. what was the ball used in games made up of
  26. what was the shape of the court of the game they played
  27. what happened to the winning team of the game they played
    given riches and praised
  28. what happened to the losing team of the game they played
    sacrificed to the Gods
  29. what was the main goal of war
    to take prisoners
  30. what did the captives with slow status become
  31. what did the captives with high rankings become
    spiritual sacrifice
  32. what was the usual form of sacrifice
  33. what was the monumental art made out of
    stone or lime plaster
  34. what types of monumental art were there
    • carved stelae,
    • 3D sculptures
    • painted murals
  35. what was the portable art made out of
    • bone
    • wood
    • shell
    • stone
    • ceramic
  36. what did the art of the mayans usually contain
    writing depicting events in every day life
  37. what type of agriculture did the mayans have
    milpa agriculture
  38. what does milpa mean
  39. what crops were used for "three sisters" farming technique
    corn, beans, and squash
  40. what did the corn provide
    a stalk for the beans
  41. how did the mayans clear the field
    using slash and burn
  42. what are the 3 parts of the maya calender
    • the long count
    • the Tzolkin
    • the Haab
  43. which part of the calendar tracked years
    the long count
  44. how many numbers does the long count consist of
  45. kin-
    1 day
  46. Uinal-
    20 Kin
  47. Tun-
    18 Uinal
  48. Katun-
    20 Tutn
  49. Baktun-
    20 Katun
  50. which calendar represents the number of days since the start of creation
    the long count
  51. what calendar is known as the divine calendar
  52. how many days is the Tzolkin calendar
  53. how many types of weeks does the Tzolkin calendar have
  54. what are the two types of weeks of the Tzolkin calendar
    • 13 numbered days
    • 20 named days
  55. which calendar is known as the civil calendar
    the Haab
  56. what are the two parts to the Haab calendar
    • the Tun
    • the Uayeb
  57. how long is the Tun of the Haab
    360 days- 18 months with 20 days
  58. how long is the Uayeb of the Haab
    5 days- unlucky days with no names
  59. where is Xunantunich located
    cayo district
  60. what is the Xunantunich
    a maya ruin that used to be a ceremonial center
  61. where is the Xuantunich at
    on top of a man made ridge
  62. how high is the Xuantunich above sea level
    108 meters
  63. what does Xunantunich mean
    stone women- Yucatec
  64. what is the tallest temple of the ruins
    El Castilllo
  65. what is the second tallest temple in Belize
    El Castillo
  66. who first explored Xunantunich
    British medical doctor- Thomas Gann
  67. when did Thomas Gann first explore Xunantunich
  68. what are the probably theories of why the Mayans collapse
    • a disaster
    • earthquake
    • disease
    • downfall from warfare
    • environmental change
    • crop famine
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