Sociology Test 1

  1. empirical evidence
    data that you get directly from systematic observation and experience. NOT something that you get from hearsay
  2. Inconvenient facts
    (Max Weber) facts that you do not want to hear. i.e. that males earn more than females
  3. Qualitative
    does not incorporate numbers much. field research
  4. quantitative
    number driven, measurements, percentages, etc
  5. variables
    concepts that vary in terms of attributes, i.e. sex (male or female). NAME = sex, ATTRIBUTES = male or female
  6. independent variable
    the cause. expected to have a causal relationship with a dependent variable. influences in some way the dependent variable. MUST precede the dependent variable in time.
  7. dependent variable
    the effect. is influenced by the independent variable. MUST come after the independent variable
  8. research hypothesis
    a statement where you explicitly express the impact that you expect the independent variable to have on the dependent variable
  9. probabilistic
    likely but not certain
  10. theory
    well thought out explanation for why something happens
  11. 3 criteria for a causal relationship to exist
    the cause must precede the effect in time. correlation (relationship must exist). No spuriousness (observed correlation cannot be explained away by a third variable).
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