Practice Interview Sales

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  1. 30 Second Short Pitch
    Food service management professional currently in operations with.

    process of making shift from operations to Sales on the supplier side .  

    • Reasons I think this will work: 
    • Building strong relationships
    • Generating marketing and business development programs. 
    • Using my experience from running a variety of profitable business's

    • My passion is troubleshooting
    • Identifying opportunities
    • Determining the best course of action
    • Helping others fix those opportunities

    If you have any suggestions for someone in my shoes I would love to hear your ideas

    I'm a high energy, experienced professional who's not afraid to work late on Friday’s.  

    You can contact me at or if you give me your info I'll send you my contact info
  2. Sales Obstacle
    No Money
    Show how quickly they can earn back their investment with your solution.

    • “when should I revisit you?”
    • “do you have a formal bid process?”
    • “would you like a few samples to try in the meantime?”
  3. Sales Obstacle
    No Hurry
    Create a reason to buy now

    • Limited time offering
    • Commodity prices expected to rise
    • You could begin testing this new line now while your making your decision. 

    “would you like a few samples to try in the meantime?”
  4. Sales Obstacle 
    No desire
    Whether expressed or not, prospect has no desire -- before or after your presentation -- to change,  

    Ask more questions

    You have not sold them, no reason to go to the trouble of engaging another supplier, training workers to use a new product(s), justifying the new products or expenses to his/her boss. It’s important to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and imagine before hand what changing products and/or suppliers means in terms of added work or accountability

    Anything make things easier [like offering to train workers on product preparation and use] for the prospect, the better your chances of a sale.
  5. Sales Obstacle 
    I need to do more research 
    "I would do the same, this is a big decision"

    In addition to your research I will send you a link from Restaurant News outlining the differences of the product lines.  Excellent 3rd party. Great info.  I also have a link to a Restaurant and Institutions study in hot new trends for 2014.  Actually I can pull it up right now for you...
  6. Sales Obstacle 
    No Trust
    I pick up and give a full refund if it doesn't work out.  

    Do you know Joe at the Harvest House?  He picked up our line 6 months ago. Provide user references.

    Provide independent product reviews.

    Offer a free product trial.

    Check out this web site, there is a article comparing the features and benefits of the two systems.
  7. Assembling Reports:  analytical skills, detail oriented
    In past jobs I regularly drilled down and analyzed and used financial statements,  p&L reports, product mix’s and sales reports looking for and identifying opportunities.  For example we’re  down 9% in sales or $3,600 per period/ $128 per day.  We only need 12 more customers per day, 1 catering order every other day or incremental sales increase of of $50 per day.  Look for trends patterns to identify opportunities and develop action plans.  

    For example.  Bottled beverage sales are down from last year by 6%.  

    We need revisit our suggestive selling practices.  

    Move the beverage case back to where it was.

    Re-position the products in the case 

    Upgrade to a premium soda line 

    We just need to sell 2 bottles per day or 14 per week to exceed last years sales.
  8. Presentation Skills  
    Comfortable in group:  Dale Carnegie, HO association, tell stories, engage participants, stick to the script. Often times formats will already be available in which case I stick to the proven system.  Comfortable in a group:
  9. Demonstrating and sampling experience
    Selling of new menu items, assisting new customers, reading the customers, asking good questions, quick overview, follow up, went outside one sidewalk to sample, enthusiasm, giving guest a free drink, cookie, giving a free coupon.You have got to try this, do you like food with a little spice?


    • Read customer, educate new customers who are unfamiliar.
    • Ask probing questions
  10. Experience developing marketing/sales programs in past jogs
    • 1.   Building relationships with neighbors and surrounding business in trade area including competitors.
    • 2.   Get out there, be visible in trade area.
    • 3.   Attending, participating in fundraising events such as the Chocolate lovers fling, 5K fun runs, local events, giving away free samples of signature menu items.
    • 4.  Coupons to non profit silent auctions.  After prom.
    • 5.  Focus on our core customer base, college kids, families, business people, who ever
    • 6.  Cold called potential catering customers in trade area with menu’s a bucket of bagels, follow up calls.
    • 7.   Asking regular customers if they ever do any catering.
    • 8.   Show that you appreciate their business and invite them back!
    • 9.   Ask for feedback
    • 10.  Run a tight operation.  Perfect execution is given.  Nothing matters if I can’t deliver on my promises.
  11. Questions about being organized and detail oriented
    geek out on great simple organizational systems.  Sometimes systems already in place, or I develop my own.  All great business operators are passionate about setting up and tweaking organization.
  12. Questions about Credit Management
    Experience with Shamrock foods.  I’m go between.  I have to take Sysco policy, soften it, and communicate it to customers in a political and firm manner that’s non negotiable.  My job is to help them see why it’s actually good for them.   

    Can’t ask credit department to make exception.
  13. Other Sales Skills being a industry expert
    • 1.  Be plugged in, their go to expert in the industry.  
    • 2.  Devour industry information relevant to my customers  
    • 3.  They won’t have time to keep up on trends. Be on the look out for info that can help them,  what are their competitors doing, who is moving to town, going out of business.
  14. Why are you leaving Qdoba
    I enjoy what I doing but my real my real passion is sales and marketing.  Building relationships, identifying opportunities, troubleshooting, generating business development plans, using my experience running successful foodservice operations.  Want to be responsible for my own destiny and be compensated for my results.  Just a tad tired of getting home at 12:30 am
  15. What is your greatest strength
    • Building relationships 
    • Overcoming objections 
    • Being prepared, doing my homework
    • Using technology to it’s fullest
    • No drama,
    • Self motivated
  16. What do you need to work on
    • Prioritizing
    • Choosing priorities, they shift during the day, out of 10 necessary tasks sometimes I may choose the wrong task, put my head down and plow ahead.  

    Here is what I’m doing about it.  Keep the big picture in mind, consult supervisor, mentor, co worker regularly get my supervisors input and advice.

  17. What is Consultive selling
    Listening, building relationship, truly trying to help them fix there problems.
  18. Asking questions
    • Finding solutions to their problems
    • Listening
    • Building trust
  19. Sales Obstacle Procrastination
    Reward customers for taking immediate action.

    • I know it's coming every time I hesitate on buying something but I fall for it every time.  
    • For example, create the best irresistible offer you can afford. Include a specific expiration date.
  20. Sales Obstacle Low Priority
    Dramatize good feeling they will enjoy when they use it.

    For example, you mentioned labor is your biggest headache.  I might have a way for you to move away from the high end, skilled hard to find prim a dona type cooks who are hard to find to the reliable, easier to find less skilled worker bee type cook.

    How easy would your life be if things were so streamlined and easy to operate you could have a inexperienced yet sharp, coach able high school kid with no experience do the same job as your high paid prep cook who thinks he is doing you a favor.
  21. Sales Obstacle Distrust
    Eliminate their risk of loss 

    Offer an unconditional money back guarantee 

    Prove your record of delivering what you promise. Provide testimonials from satisfied customers as evidence you lived up to your promises in the past.  

    Provide your customers with direct access to you in person or by phone if they have a problem.

    Prospective customers feel secure and are more likely to buy when they know they can talk with a real person.
  22. Sales obstacle No Need
    Your goal is to show the client how your products will solve an issue
  23. What motivates me
    • When I'm using my strengths, have a realistic opportunity to progress with a company to the next level.
    • Compensated for my efforts
  24. What types of jobs do you do best with
    Relationship building is part of the job

    Jobs where I move around as oppose to sitting behind a desk. 

    Job that requires high energy and enthusiasm

    Some systems in place but also needs entrepreneur skills, creativity 

    Role model available
  25. What does sales mean to me?
    • Prospects peoples needs
    • Discover their pain
    • Recommend solution
    • Advocates companies product
    • Sells it to them.
    • Prices the product
    • Create a transaction for exchanging the product.
    • Create satisfaction to the buyer
  26. What is your single greatest strength ?
    Relationship Building

    • 1.  HO
    • 2.  Neighbors
    • 3.  Landscape business
    • 4.  Einstien's
  27. What is your goal in one year five years out
    One Year

    • 1.  Complete understanding and competent in my current position as a sales rep
    • 2.  Go to person
    • 3.  To 60-70 percent of performers
    • 3.  Ready to take on more responsibility 
    • 4.  Comfortable with product

    Five Year

    • 1. Top 10% of performers 
    • 2. Training others
    • 3. More responsibility
  28. Why should we hire you?
    1.  I'm good at building relationships

    2.  I have been in my customers shoes

    3.  I'm the kind of guy who works late on Friday's

    4.  Always improving my communication and organizational systems skills using the latest technology.

    5.  There may be more experienced sales reps out there but I gain my edge by being the most person.
  29. What 3 people dead or alive would I like to play Golf with.
    • 1.  Business:       Steve Jobs
    • 2.  Intellectual:    Edward Abbey 
    • 3.  Creative:        Jimmy Buffet
  30. State of the food service industry now
    • Down slightly after 3 years of modest growth
    • Quick Casual and fine dining showing real growth
  31. Hottest restaurant companies now
    • Quick Casual
    • Fine Dining
  32. State of the Colorado restaurant industry
    • Better than the nation as a whole
    • More quick casual per capita than any other state.
  33. Declining Trends
    • greek yogurt
    • sweet potato fries
    • grass fed meat
    • organic coffee
    • gelato
    • flatbreads
    • Free range
    • micro greens

    • Yesterday’s News for 2014
    • Foam/Froth/

    • “Fun Shaped” children’s items
    • Miniburgers Sliders (in four years this item has fallen from top trend to #182 on the list)
    • Flowers (bulbs, petals, blossoms)
    • Bacon alternatives (tofu bacon, turkey bacon)
  34. Food trends 2014
    • Locally sourced meat and seafood
    • locally grown produce
    • Environmentally sustainability
    • Healthy kid meals
    • Gluten free cuisine

    • Perennial Favorites for 2014
    • Italian cuisine
    • Fried chicken bbq
    • Eggs benedict
    • Grilling
    • Oatmeal
    • French toast
    • Comfort foods (meatloaf, chicken pot pie, roasted chicken)
    • Mexican cuisine
    • Zucchini
    • Short ribs
    • iPads and tablets for ordering, menus wine lists
    • Smart phone apps for offering daily deals menus and ordering. 
    • 59% of chefs are always adjusting dishes and recipes to be more healthful.
  35. Table top computers/tablets
    • Remembers the guest
    • Wireless payment, card never leaves guest hands
    • Games
    • Upselling
    • Frequency program
    • Guest feed back
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