Nursing Theory

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  1. theory
    • describes, predicts, and controls nursing
    • practice discipline w/main function of theory(research) is to provide new framework for understanding the nurse's practice
    • guides knowledge development and directs education, research, and pratice
  2. concept
    basic building block of a theory
  3. concepts
    assist us in formulating a mental image about an objet or situation
  4. theory
    set of concepts and propositions that provide and orderly way to view phenomena
  5. conceptual framework
    group of related ideas, statements, or concepts
  6. proposition
    statement that proposes a relationship between concepts
  7. Environmental Practice Theory
    • Florence Nightingale
    • person's health was the direct result of environmental influence(cleanliness, light, pure air, pure water, efficient drainage)
  8. Individualist theory
    • Virginia Henderson
    • Nursing assists sick or healthy individuals to gain INDEPENDENCE in meeting fundamental needs
  9. Unitary Human Being
    • Martha Rogers
    • interaction between environments and person; humans are dynamic energy fields in continuous exchange with the environment; focuses on person's 'wholeness', energy fields
  10. General Theory of Nursing, Self Care theory
    • Dorthea Orem
    • self-care deficit, includes doing for, guiding, teaching, supporting, or providing appropriate nursing care that promotes the individual's ability to meet current and future demands
  11. Systems Model
    • Betty Neuman
    • describes individual's relationship to stress, the reaction to it, and the reconstruction factors that are dynamic in nature. reconstitution is the state of adaption to stressors
  12. Adaption Model
    Sister Callista
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