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  1. How many months does it take to develop a human baby?
    Nine months
  2. How many weeks does it take to develop human baby?
    40 weeks
  3. How many eggs does a woman start with in hey life?
  4. How long does a egg survive before dies?
    24 hours
  5. How many sperm are there per male ejaculation?
    300 million
  6. What is that caesarean operation or C-section?
    This is surgical procedure when the belly and the uterus is cut to liberate the baby.
  7. What happens when the first sperm penetrates the egg to prevent others from from entering?
    A protective barrier instantly forms with the first time entering
  8. What is the ratio of couples that successful in the first try to become pregnant?
  9. What animals do we resemble at an early stage of development?
    Chick,mouse or pig
  10. What is meant by the term miscarriage?
    Loss of fetus before birth?
  11. What does that Placenta do?
    Filters and barriers
  12. What is meant by the term labor?
    The start of the birth of the baby.
  13. What is meant by the term contractions?
    When the uterus starts squeezing to push the baby out
  14. Name to medical equipment that they used in this film.
    • Epidermal
    • ultrasounds
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