1. Who is a Manager?
    • Direct individuals and teams to get things done
    • Develop employees and are responsible for the efforts of employees who report to them
  2. Roles of Management
    Planning- Set realistic goals (long and short term) and figure out ways to achieve them

    Organizing- Assigning roles and tasks to complete goal

    Directing- Inspire employees to do well and motivate them to achieve goals

    Staffing- Selecting right people to become employees

    Controlling- Measuring performance and making sure that goals are met
  3. Leadership Styles
    Depends on the manager's personality:

    Autocratic: Takes control, no input from employees for decision making, fast process, low moral

    Laissez-Faire: Leave employees alone to do their job. Used when employees are mature and have years of experience. Can become unmotivated and do not work well as a team

    Democratic: Employees contribute to the decision making process. Encourages creativity and input. Employees are happier and this is usually the best leadership style
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