CeRviCal anD ThoRaCiC SPine 2

  1. WHAT IS AImage Upload 1
  2. WHAT IS BImage Upload 2
  3. WHAT IS CImage Upload 3
    Superior articular process
  4. WHAT IS D Image Upload 4
  5. WHAT IS E Image Upload 5
    Spinous process
  6. WHAT IS FImage Upload 6
    Inferior articular process
  7. WHAT IS G Image Upload 7
    Transverse foramen
  8. WHAT IS AImage Upload 8
  9. WHAT IS B Image Upload 9
    Anterior arch
  10. WHAT IS C Image Upload 10
  11. WHAT IS DImage Upload 11
    Right superior articular surface of C2
  12. WHAT IS E Image Upload 12
    Body of C2
  13. WHAT IS FImage Upload 13
    Left atlantoaxial joint
  14. WHAT IS G Image Upload 14
    Inferior articular surface of C1
  15. WHAT IS H Image Upload 15
    Transverse process of C1
  16. WHAT IS AImage Upload 16
    Centrally located dens
  17. WHAT IS B Image Upload 17
    Left transverse process of C1
  18. WHAT IS CImage Upload 18
    Left lateral mass of C1
  19. WHAT IS DImage Upload 19
    Inferior articular surface of C1
  20. WHAT IS EImage Upload 20
    Left atlantoaxial joint
  21. WHAT IS FImage Upload 21
    F. Body of C2
  22. WHAT IS GImage Upload 22
    G. Right superior articular surface of C2
  23. WHAT IS AImage Upload 23
    first thoracic vertebra (T1)
  24. WHAT IS B Image Upload 24
    first rib on the patient’sright side.
  25. WHAT IS C Image Upload 25
    fourth cervical vertebra
  26. WHAT IS D Image Upload 26
    articular pillar or lateral mass region of C3.
  27. WHAT IS E Image Upload 27
    spinous process of C2
  28. WHAT IS AImage Upload 28
  29. WHAT IS B Image Upload 29
    Posterior arch of the atlas, C1
  30. WHAT IS CImage Upload 30
    BODY OF C3
  31. WHAT IS D Image Upload 31
    Zygapophyseal joint between C4 and C5
  32. WHAT IS EImage Upload 32
    Body of C7
  33. WHAT IS FImage Upload 33
    Spinous process of C7,
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