1. gregarious
    sociable; outgoing; enjoying the company of other people

    Greg is a very gregarious person and would not have a behind the desk kind of job.
  2. harangue
    to deliver a pompous speech or tirade; a long, pompous speech

    The cook dilvered an unnecessary harangue about his fresh ingrediants in his meringue pie.
  3. heretical
    violating accepted dogma or convention

    —Synonyms unorthodox, unconventional, dissident, radical.

    • It was very heretical that she was a vegetarian because it seemed that meat-eating was a hereditary gene.
  4. impecunious
    lacking funds; without money

    —Synonyms destitute, poverty-stricken

    The meat head soon became impecunious after he spent all of his money on new pecs.
  5. incipient
    beginning to come into being or to become apparent

    The inspiring singer realized he was no longer incipient when he was approached for his first autograph.
  6. inert
    unmoving; lethargic; sluggish

    The inert gas in the system does not effect the final product.
  7. innocuous
    harmless; causing no damage

    The innocent looking baby seemed innocuous but then threw up on my shirt.
  8. intransigent
    refusing to compromise

    Tracy was being transfered to Afghanistan but she was intransigent on the decision.
  9. inveigle
    to obtain by deception or flattery

    —Synonyms 1. induce, beguile, persuade. 2. wheedle.

    The pretty woman was able to inveigle the drunken man into buying her some diamonds and a viel for her wedding.
  10. morose
    sad; sullen; melancholy

    —Synonyms 1. moody, sour, sulky, surly.

    The husband was extremely morose after leaving his wife's funeral.
  11. odious
    evoking intense aversion or dislike

    —Synonyms 1. abominable, objectionable, despicable, execrable.

    Ben Odem is very odious which is why none of my friends like him.
  12. opaque
    impenetrable by light; not reflecting light

    The opaque color of the diamond made her realize it was fake.
  13. penurious
    penny-pinching; excessively thrifty; ungenerous

    My dad is always penurious about his pennies and never splurges.
  14. pernicious
    extremely harmful; potentially causing death

    The pernicious form of cancer she had caused her to act like everyday was her last.
  15. peruse
    to examine with great care

    Synonyms: inspect

    The house appeared perfect but after being perused by the inspector, it was found that it was full of termites.
  16. pious
    extremely reverent or devout; showing strong religious devotion

    Synonyms: devoted, devout, divine,, godly, goody-goody

    You must be very pious to be a preacher.
  17. preen
    to dress up; to primp; to groom oneself with elaborate care

    Synonyms: beautify, clean, doll up,

    I enjoy preening myself so that I can look pretty.
  18. prodigious
    abundant in size, force, or extent; extraordinary

    Synonyms: gigantic, huge; phenomenal, amazing

    The pregnant womens stomach was prodigious because she was having triplets.
  19. putrefy
    to rot; to decay and give off a foul odor

    Synonyms: crumble, decay,decompose,

    The pears putrefied after 2 weeks and turned purple.
  20. quaff
    to drink deeply

    I quaffed the water bottle after my five mile run.
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