Research ch 1 Terms

  1. research
    diligent, systematic inquiry or study that validates and refines existing knowledge and develops new knowledge
  2. nursing research
    scientific process that validates and refines existing knowledge and generates new knowledge that directly and indirectly influences nursing practice
  3. evidence-based practice
    integration of the best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient needs and values
  4. best research evidence
    empirical knowledge generated from the synthesis of quality study findings to address a practice problem
  5. clinical expertise
    knowledge and skills of the healthcare professional providing care
  6. description
    involves identifying and understanding the nature of nursing phenomena and, sometimes, the relationship among them
  7. explanation
    clarifies the relationship among phenomena and identifies the reasons why certain events occur
  8. prediction
    estimate the probability of a specific outcomes in a given situation
  9. control
    ability to write a prescription to produce the desired results
  10. case study
    in-depth analysis and a systematic description of one patient or a group of similar patients to promote understanding of healthcare interventions
  11. outcomes research
    focuses on examining the result of care or determining the changes in health status for he patient
  12. knowledge
    essential info acquired in a variety of ways
  13. traditions
    beliefs that are based on customs and trends
  14. authority
    person with expertise and power who is able to influence opinion and behavior
  15. borrowing
    appropriation and use of knowledge from other fields or disciplines to guide nursing practice
  16. trial and error
    approach with unknown outcomes that is used in a situation of uncertainty in which other sources of knowledge are unavailable
  17. personal experience
    gaining knowledge by being personally involved in an event, situation, or circumstances
  18. role modeling
    learning by imitating the behaviors of an expert
  19. mentorship
    expert nurse serves as a teacher, sponsor, guide, and counselor for the novice nurse
  20. intuition
    insight into or understanding of a situation or event as a whole that usually can't be explained logically
  21. reasoning
    processing and organizing of ideas in order to reach conclusions
  22. inductive reasoning
    moves from specific to the general
  23. deductive reasoning
    moves from general to specific or from general premise to a particular situation or conclusion
  24. quantitative research
    formal, objective, systematic process in which numerical data are used to obtain info about the world
  25. qualitative research
    systematic, subjective approach used to describe life experiences and situations and give them meaning
  26. systematic review
    structured, comprehensive synthesis of quantitative and outcomes studies in a particular healthcare area to determine the best research available
  27. Meta-analysis
    type of study that statistically pools the results from previous studies into a single quantitative analysis that provides one of the highest levels of evidence for an intervention efficacy
  28. integrative review
    research includes the identification, analysis, and synthesis of research findings from independent quantitative, outcomes, and qualitative studies to determine the current knowledge
  29. qualitative research synthesis
    process and product of systematically reviewing and formally integrating the finding from qualitative studies
  30. metasummary
    synthesis or summing of the findings across qualitative reports to develop a description of current knowledge in an area
  31. metasynthesis
    provides a fully integrated, novel description or explanation of a target event or experience versus a summary view of that event or experience
  32. evidence-based guidelines
    rigorous, explicit clinical guidelines developed based on the best research evidence available in that area
  33. critical appraisal of research
    involves careful exam of all aspects of a study to judge its strengths, limitation, meaning, and significance
  34. premise
    proposition of a statement of the proposed relationship between two or more concepts
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