Random Definitions

  1. Fortuitous
    Happening by accident or chance.
  2. Aleatory
    Depending on a contingent event.
  3. Victuals
    Food supplies; provisions
  4. Acidulous
    Slightly sour.
  5. Appellations
    A name or title.
  6. Dovecote
    A structure for housing domestic pigeons
  7. Corporeal
    Of the nature of the physical body; bodily
  8. Autochthonous
    Pertaining to indigenous people; found in the locality in which it originates.
  9. Bituminous
    Containing Bitumen -- a composite material of natural substances like gilsonite.
  10. Arabesque
    Any ornament or ornamental object; a type of line in art
  11. Extempore
    On the spur of the moment.
  12. Promontory
    A high point of land or rock projecting into the sea. A projecting part.
  13. Apposite
    Suitable, well adapted.
  14. Viscera
    Internal organs.
  15. Afflatus
    Inspiration; an impelling mental force acting from within; divine communication of knowledge.
  16. Penumbra
    The partial or imperfect shadow outside the complete shadow.
  17. Interstices
    An intervening space.
  18. Aubergine
    Dark purplish color.
  19. Alacrity
    Cheerful willingness; eagerness.
  20. Munificent
    Very liberal in giving and bestowing.
  21. Sublime
    • 1) Elevated or lofty in thought or language.
    • 2) Impressing the mind with a sense of Grandeur.
  22. Sanguine
    • 1) Sanguine.
    • 2) Cheerful, optimistic.
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