integumentary chapter 5

  1. Fossa:
  2. Suture:
    seam or crack between bones
  3. Fissure:
    narrow cleft like opening
  4. Condyle:
    Large rounded process at the end of a bone
  5. process:
    bump or projection
  6. Meatus:
    Deep tube like passageway
  7. Tuberosity:
    A large tubercle
  8. Sinus:
    Hollow cavity inside a bone
  9. Tubercle:
    Small rounded process
  10. foramen:
    Rounded hole in a bone
  11. Epicondyle:
    Projection above a condyle
  12. Trochanter:
    lare process only on a femur
  13. crest:
    narrow ridge on a bone
  14. sulcus:
    shallow furrow
  15. spine:
    sharp slender process
  16. skin functions:
    temperature control, excretory organ, vitamin synthesis, protection
  17. first degree burn
    type of burn, no blister, ex sun burn
  18. second degree burn
    type of burn, epidermis destroyed, structures not injured
  19. third degree burn:
    type of burn, all skin layers and functions are lost
  20. stratum basale
    capable of cell division
  21. Eccrine:
    most common sweat gland, distributed throughout the body
  22. Sudoriferous:
    gland assisting in controlling body temp, located in dermis ( sweat)
  23. sebaceous:
    ( oil) glands associated with hair follicles, keeps skin pliable
  24. stratum lucidum:
    only found in palms and soles
  25. melanin
    hair color
  26. ceruminous:
    wax gland
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