Performance 3

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  1. exercise regularly
    Verb phr.   定期運動

    If you exercise regularly, you will become fit.
  2. junk food
    noun   垃圾食物

    If you eat too much junk food, you will become fat.
  3. accompany
    • verb   陪伴﹐陪同
    • If you went jogging, I would accompany you.
  4. gamble

    go bankrupt
    verb     賭博 ;  破產

    If you gambled, you might go bankrupt.
  5. a balanced diet
    noun phr.    均衡飲食

    In order to keep fit,we should have a balanced diet and regular exercise.
  6. attend lessons
    verb phr.   上堂

    If you do not attend all lessons, you cannot get the certificate.
  7. certificate of attendance
    • noun    出席証書
    • You can get the certificate of attendance at the end of the lesson.
  8. urban development
    noun.  城市發展

    My father is interested in urban development very much.
  9. teenage pregnancy
    noun     少女懷孕

    The problem of teenage pregnancy becomes serious.
  10. commit suicide

    attempt suicide
    • verb phr.   
    • attempt suicide (=try to kill yourself) 企圖自殺 
    • commit suicide (=kill yourself) 自殺

    Gill committed suicide last year after losing her job .
  11. low birth rate
    noun     低出生率

    Most schools close because of low birth rate.
  12. community centre
    noun     社區活動中心

    Mum has gone to the community centre to give a health talk.
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