Volume 1 Section 3

  1. What does SMAG mean?
    Supply Managment Activity Group
  2. What does the SMAG depend on?
    The US Congress for money
  3. What is the SMAG?
    A revolving fund established through an act of Congress
  4. What basis does the SMAG operate on?
  5. What are the 5 SMAG accounts?
    • 1. Air Force Academy Cadet Store
    • 2. Medical/Dental
    • 3. General Support Division
    • 4. Material Support Division
    • 5. Troop Support Division
    • 6. Fuels Division
  6. M&S procedures and element are responsible for what?
    Evaluating activites
  7. Surveillance visits are scheduled on a ____ basis
  8. Visits must be conducted when?
    Withing 60 days of the date of the previous years surveillance
  9. What is an AF FORM 1815?
    Difficulty report Worksheet....lets HQ OSSG know that the computers isnt working as it should
  10. Who ois responsible for submitting, controlling, and monitoring DIREP?
    Procedures Element
  11. What does the analysis element do?
    Analyzes and interprets management data
  12. Who are the 3 people that need to be on the team to submit an DIREP?
    • 1. User
    • 2. M&S Monitor-obtains applicable data
    • 3. DIREP Monitor-ensures that the problem isnt caused by incorrect procedures
  13. What is Category IV of DIREP?
    Cosmetic Error-
  14. What is category II of DIREP?
    Severe Problem
  15. What is category III of DIREP?
    Chronic Problem
  16. What is category I of DIREP?
    Major Impact
  17. What are the 3 methods of analysis?
    • 1. Trend- used for recurring reports and comparing
    • 2. Problem
    • 3. Special-close review of a specific activity to satisfy a one-time requirement or to solve a specific problem
  18. M14?
    Stock Number Directory
  19. R02?
    Interchangeable and Substitue Listing
  20. S04?
    Bench Stock Listing
  21. TEX Code 6?
    Degraded operations issue to a customer
  22. TEX code 7?
  23. TRIC SPR?
    Special Requistion (created with a TEX code 7)
  24. DIC AOx?
    Off line requistions that are called into the depot to establish the requirement
  25. Q04?
    Repair Cycle Data list...checked by personnel in the repair cycle support
  26. FNL?
    File Maintenance Change
  27. FCH?
    Identity Change
  28. FCS?
    Warehouse location change
  29. FCC?
    Condition Change
  30. ORG?
    Monetary Adjustment
  31. PRJ?
    PFMR Adjustment
  32. 1SR?
    SRD load, delete, inquiry
  33. 1PR?
    Fuels Requistion
  34. 1PC?
    Fuels due-in Cancellation
  35. 1PS?
    Fuels SHipment Status
  36. 1RP?
    Fuels Reciept
  37. 1RF?
    Fuels issue
  38. 1DF?
    Fuels Defuel
  39. 1SP?
    Fuels SHP
  40. 1RM?
    Feuls Special Inventory
  41. TRM?
    transfers to DRMO, TEX 6
  42. SHP?
    Shipment, TEX 6
  43. TIN?
    Turn-in unserv.
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Volume 1 Section 3
Volume 1 Section 3