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  1. Equilibrium related to movement through space
    Dynamic equilibrium
  2. A difference in concentration of a substance between 2 places
    Concentration gradient
  3. Uneven distribution of electrical charge
    Electrical gradients
  4. Diffusion through a membrane is directly proportional to the surface area & concentration gradient and inversely proportional to the thickness of a membrane and its resistance
    Fick's law
  5. The combination of electrical and concentration gradients
    Electrochemical gradients
  6. Channels whose opened state is controlled by binding to a chemical ligand Chemically gated channels
  7. Movement of molecules across cell membranes in response to a concentration gradient w/ the aid of a membrane protein
    Facilitated diffusion
  8. Movement across membrane w/ the aid of a protein transporter
    Mediated transport
  9. Membrane protein that binds to the molecule it transports
    Carrier proteins
  10. Membrane protein that forms water filled channels to link (ICF) and (EFC) compartments
    Channel proteins
  11. A channel that opens and closes in response to stimuli
    Gated channels
  12. Gated opened, allows ions to move back & forth across the membrane w/o regulation
    Open channels
  13. Maybe specific for one ion or may allow ions of similar size and change to pass
    Ion channels
  14. Are made from a protein called aquaporin
    Water channels
  15. Move molecules across membranes.
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