Neuroanatomy - Vertebral Column

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  1. How many bones are in the vertebral column. Name each type and how many of them there are ?
    • 26 bones 
    • Cervical - 7 of the neck
    • Thoracic - 12- of the torso
    • Lumbar - 5- of the lower back
    • Sacrum- inferior to the lumbar , articulates with the hips.
    • Coccyx -4 fused vertebrae inferior to the sacrum

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  2. Name these structures ?
    Intervertebral disc
    Anterior Longitudinal ligament
    Posterior Longitudinal Ligament
    Intervertebral Ligament
    Annulus Fibrosus
    Nucleus pulposus
    Sectioned body of vertebra
    Inferior articular process
    Interspinous Ligament
    Ligament Flavum
    Section spinous process
    Transverse Process
    Supraspinous ligament

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  3. Name three abnormal spine curvature conditions ?
    • Scoliosis (abnormal lateral curve)
    • kyphosis (hunchback)
    • lordosis (swayback)
  4. Which sections are concave or convex ?
    • Concave - Cervical and Lumbar
    • Convex - Thoracic and Sacral
  5. What are longitudinal ligaments ?
    Anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments – continuous bands down the front and back of the spine from the neck to the sacrum
  6. What are intervertebral discs , Nucleus Pulposus, Annulus Fibrosus ?
    Cushionlike pad composed of two parts

    Nucleus pulposus – inner gelatinous nucleus that gives the disc its elasticity and compressibility

    Annulus fibrosus – surrounds the nucleus pulposus with a collar composed of collagen and fibrocartilage
  7. Name these portions of the diagram ?
    Vertebral Spinous process
    Spinal Cord
    Nucleus Pulposus
    Annulus fibrosus
    Herniated portion of disc
    Spinal nerve root

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  8. What is the Body/Centrum , Vertebral Arch , Vertebral foramina ?
    Body or centrum – disc-shaped, weight-bearing region

    Vertebral arch – composed of pedicles and laminae that, along with the centrum, enclose the vertebral foramen

    Vertebral foramina – make up the vertebral canal through which the spinal cord passes
  9. What is the spinous process , transverse process , Superior and inferior articular processes , Intervertebral foramina ?
    Spinous processes project posteriorly, and transverse processes project laterally.

    Superior and inferior articular processes – protrude superiorly and inferiorly from the pedicle-lamina junctions.

    Intervertebral foramina – lateral openings formed from notched areas on the superior and inferior borders of adjacent pedicles.
  10. Name the portions on the diagram ?
    Spinous process
    Vertebral Arch
    Vertebral Foramen
    Superior Articulate Process
    Transverse process

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  11. Name the portions of this diagram
    Fovea dentis (facet for odontoid process)
    Anterior Tubercle
    Posterior tubercle
    Lateral Masses
    Anterior Arch
    Posterior Arch
    Transverse Process
    Transverse foramen
    Inferior articular surface
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  12. Name the diagram portions ?
    Anterior Arch
    Anterior Tubercle 
    Lateral Masses
    Superior Articular Facet
    Transverse Foramen
    Posterior Arch
    Posterior Tubercle
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  13. Name the portions of the Diagram ?
    Transverse Process
    Inferior Articular Process
    Spinous Process
    Transverse Foramen
    Superior Articular Surface
    Den (Odontoid Process)Image Upload 12
    Image Upload 13
  14. Name the Diagram ?
    Den of the Axis
    Transverse Ligament
    C1- Atlas
    C2 -Axis
    Inferior Articular Process
    Bifid Spinous Process
    Transverse Processes
    C7- Vertebra Prominens 
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  15. Name the Diagram portions for the Thoracic
    column ?
    Demifacet for head of rib
    Inferior articular process
    Spinous process
    Intervertebral disc
    Articular facet for tubercle of rib
    Superior articular process
    Transverse process

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  16. Name the portions of the Diagram ?
    Superior Articular process
    Transverse Process
    Intervertebral Disc
    Inferior articular process
    Spinous process

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  17. Name the portions on the Diagram ?
    Ventral sacral foramen
    Sacral promontory
    Transverse lines - (Vertebral fusion sites)
    Body of first sacral vertebra

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  18. Name the portions of the Diagram ?
    Laterla sacral crest
    Median sacral crest
    dorsal sacral foramina
    Sacral hiatus
    Sacral Canal
    Superior articular process

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