Assessing Health

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  1. Afebrile
    without fever
  2. apical pulse
    at the apex of the heart, heart rate obtained by using a stethoscope. Aka point of maximum impulse (PMI)
  3. Apical-radial pulse
    comparison of pulse rates obtained simultaneously from radial & apical sites
  4. apnea
    cessation of air through nose and mouth
  5. auscultatory gap
    disappearance of sounds when obtaining a blood pressure
  6. ADL
    activities of daily living
  7. Blood pressure
    pressure exerted by the volume of circulating blood on vessel walls
  8. bradycardia
    heart rate lower than 60 beats per minute
  9. bradypnea
    abnormally slow rate of breathing
  10. diaphoresis
    excessive sweating
  11. diastole
    period of time between contraction of atria and ventricles in which blood enters the heart
  12. dyspnea
    shortness of breath; difficulty breathing
  13. dysrhythmia
    deviation from normal heart beat
  14. fever
    elevated body temperature
  15. febrile
    pertaining to elevated body temperature
  16. hypercarbia
    chronic excess of CO2 in arterial blood
  17. hypertension
    persistent elevation of blood pressure
  18. hyperthermia
    situation in which body temperature exceeds set point
  19. hyperventilation
    rapid respiratory rate
  20. hypotension
    abnormal lowering of the blood pressure leading to inadequate perfusion of body tissues
  21. hypothermia
    lowering of body temperature below 93 degrees
  22. hypoxia
    inadequate cellular oxygenation
  23. Korotkoff sounds
    sounds hear while taking a blood pressure
  24. Neuro signs
    systematic assessment of nervous system
  25. orthostatic hypotension
    drop in systolic BP when person rises from lying to sitting/standing
  26. pulse
    palpable bounding of blood flow noted at various points of body
  27. pulse deficit
    radial pulse is lower than the ventricular rate
  28. pulse oximetry
    measures oxygen saturation of 'pulsed' arterial blood
  29. pulse pressure
    difference between systolic & diastolic BP
  30. radial pulse
    pulse rate assessed at the wrist
  31. respiration
    movement of air between environment & lungs or between hemoglobin & cells
  32. sphygmomonometer
    device for measuring arterial BO
  33. stethoscope
    instrument placed against skin to hear body sounds
  34. systole
    contraction of the heart; first heart sound
  35. tachycardia
    rapid, regular heart rate of 100-150 beats/minute
  36. temperature
    measure of sensible body heat associated w/ metabolism
  37. varicosities
    abnormal condition of veins w/ swelling, distortion
  38. vasoconstriction
    blood flow reduced b/c of narrowing of the vessels
  39. vasodilatation
    vessels enlarge to increase blood flow
  40. vital signs
    temperature, pulse, respirations & BP
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