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  1. Transportation that does require the input of energy
    Active Transport
  2. Transportation that does not require the input of energy
    Passive transport
  3. A membrane that allows some molecules to cross freely but excludes others
    Selectively permeable
  4. A membrane that allows a substance to pass through it is said to be
  5. A membrane that will not allow a substance to pass through is said to be
  6. The difference in a solution between a region of high density and one of lower density
    Concentration difference
  7. A gradient in concentration of a solute as a function of distance through a solution is called
    Concentration gradient
  8. A state of balance between continuing processes.
    Dynamic equilibrium
  9. A difference in the net charge between two regions
    Electrical gradients
  10. The combination of electrical concentration gradient.
    Electrochemical gradients
  11. A relationship that involves rate of diffusion, surface area, concentration gradient, and membrane permeability. The diffusion rate is directly related when surface area, the concentration gradient, or the membrane permeability increases and is indirectly related to membrane thickness.
    Fick’s Law
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