1. Trans formative dialogs invite participants to
    invite deeper connections
  2. Our experiences as member of the human race are
    learned and socialized
  3. Largest minority group in US
  4. Implicit culture includes
    underlying meanings
  5. Native Americans place a high value on
    extended family
  6. Native Americans identify this as a cause of disabilities
  7. Among African Americas, informal support networks include
    the church
  8. Asian Americans are often viewed as the
    model minority
  9. Multicultural education does not include
    cultural artifacts
  10. Strategies, techniques and approaches used by teachers in their
    classrooms are known as
  11. Most pedagogical practices include
    • rote memorization, drill and practice and test preparation NOT critical
    • thinking
  12. Ways an individual receives and processes info is
    learning style
  13. Current pedagogical practices are NOT based on
    globalization BUT on competition, individualism, assertiveness
  14. Learning styles of Whites include
  15. learning styles of Latinos include
  16. Native-American learning styles include
  17. black students bear the burden of actiing
  18. Martin Haberman pedagogy of poverty includes EXCEPT
    • Rigor DOES INCLUDE asking questions, giving directions, monitoring
    • seatwork
  19. Constructive teaching is characterized by
    inquiring activities
  20. Multiculturalism does no include
    Eugenics. DOES INCLUDE immigration, social and economic inequity
  21. Identity meaning function is
    cultural beliefs that attribute meaning and significance
  22. Social group composed of people who share a sense of common origin
  23. Group inclusion function satisfies an individuals need for
    safety, inclusion and acceptance
  24. Cultural vales
    set of principals that guide notions of good, bad, fair and unfair
  25. Native American contemporary issues do not include
    • squandering of earth's resources DOES INCLUDE depiction in textbooks,
    • images as mascots, loss of culture
  26. Original intent of standardized testing
    to identify mentally retarded
  27. Federal law mandated the use of standardized testing
    Elementary and Secondary Education Act
  28. Standardized Test have been criticized for all the following EXCEPT
    • EMPOWERING teachers! Dumbing down cirric, teaching to the test, equity
    • for diverse backgrounds
  29. Standardized test resulted in decline in all the following except
    • rote memorization!! student centered discussions, innovative
    • instructional methods and essay writing
  30. Institutional racism
    • practices in which individuals are excluded or deprived of rights or
    • opportunities as a result of normal operation of an institution
  31. High stakes test
    • when an outcome of a standardized test is the sole determining factor
    • for making a major decision
  32. Tracking
    placement of students into groups based on academic ability
  33. Tracking decisions based on all the following except
    Gender! Include ethnicity, social class and race
  34. Tracking benefits
    privileged students
  35. Climate and physical structure of a school has been credited with
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