mana 2301

  1. communication 
    process of sending and receiving verbal and nonverbal messages
  2. stimulus
    • an even that creates within an individual the need to communicate
    • internal or externanl
  3. filter
    shaping a person's unique impressions of reality
  4. message
    information to be communicated
  5. medium
    how the message is transmitted
  6. destination or audience
    which point control passes from the sender to the receiver
  7. formal communication network
    • information to be transmitted
    • downward,  upward, lateral
  8. cascading inforamation
    information flows from one level in an organization down to another
  9. downward communication
    flow of information from managers to their employees
  10. upward communication
    flow of information from lower-level employees to upper-level employees or managers
  11. lateral communication / horizontal communication
    flow of communication among peers within an organization

    difficult when its cross-functional: across departments, divisions, branches
  12. informal communication network (grapevine)
    transmits information through unofficial channels within the organization
  13. denotation
    refers to the literal, dictionary meaning of a word
  14. connotation
    refers to the subjective, emotional meaning that you attach to a word
  15. slang
    expression, identified with a specific group of people
  16. jorgon
    technical terminology
  17. euphemisms
    expressions used instead of words that may be offensive or inapropriate
  18. abstract word
    • identifies an idea or a feeling instead of a concrete object
    • ex:commincation
  19. concrete word
    • identifies something that can be seen or touched newspaper
    • ex: newspaper
  20. noise
  21. multicommunicating / synchronous
    at the same time
  22. mashups
    web applications or pages that combine content from different sources
  23. geolocation
    mashups based on where you are
  24. ethics
    • system of moral principles
    • go beyond legal rules to tell us how to act
  25. professional ethics
    defined by an organization
  26. social ethics
    defined by society
  27. individual ethics
    defined by the person and are based on family values, heritage, personal experience, and other factors
  28. situational ethics
    decisions we make depending upon particular circumstances
  29. corporate social responsibility (CSR)
    companies consider the public's interest in their business practices
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