GRE Word List 1

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  1. Abhor
  2. Bigot
    narrow minded, prejudiced person
  3. Counterfeit
    fake; false
  4. Enfranchise
    give voting rights
  5. Hamper
    hinder; obstruct
  6. Kindle
    to start a fire
  7. Noxious
    harmful; poisonous; lethal
  8. Placid
    calm; peaceful
  9. Remuneration
    payment for work done
  10. Talisman
    lucky charm
  11. Abrasive
    rough; coarse; harsh
  12. Bilk
    • cheat; defraud
    • withhold money from someone
  13. Covert
    hidden; undercover
  14. Engender
    • cause
    • to produce or bring about
  15. Hangar
    storage area (like garage) for a plane
  16. Knotty
    complex; difficult to solve
  17. Nuance
    something subtle; a fine shade of meaning
  18. Plagiarism
    taking credit for someone else's writing or ideas
  19. Renown
  20. Tangent
    going off the main subject
  21. Abasement
    humiliation; degradation
  22. Billowing
    swelling; fluttering; waving
  23. Cower
    recoil in fear or servility; shrink away from
  24. Enhance
    improve; make better or clearer
  25. Harangue
    noisy, attacking speech
  26. Labyrinth
    a maze
  27. Nullify
    to counter; make unimportant
  28. Plaintiff
    petitioner (in court of law)
  29. Replete
  30. Tangible
    can be touched
  31. Abrogate
    cancel; deny; repeal
  32. Blasphemy
    speech which offends religious sentiments
  33. Credible
  34. Enigma
    puzzle; mystery
  35. Harbingers
    indicators; bringers of warnigns
  36. Labyrinthine
    complicated; highly convoluted
  37. Nuzzle
    cuddle; snuggle
  38. Plaudit
    statement giving strong praise
  39. Reprehensible
    shameful; very bad
  40. Tardy
    slow; late; overdue; delayed
  41. Absolution
    forgiveness; pardon; release
  42. Blatant
  43. Creditable
  44. Ensconce
    establish firmly in a position; settle comfortable, safe or secret place
  45. Hasten
    hurry; accelerate; rush
  46. Laceration
    a cut
  47. Obdurate
  48. Plausible
    can be believed; reasonable
  49. Reprieve
    a respite; postponement of a sentence
  50. Tawdry
    of little value; gaudy
  51. Abstain
    • desist; go without; withdraw
    • to choose not to do something
  52. Blighted
    damaged; destroyed; ruined
  53. Credulous
    gullible; ready to believe anything
  54. Enshroud
  55. Haughtiness
    arrogance; pride
  56. Lachrymose
    tearful; sad
  57. Obfuscate
    deliberately make something difficult to understand
  58. Plethora
  59. Repudiate
    • shun; eschew (to deliberately avoid)
    • refuse to accept or be associated with
  60. Tedium
  61. Abstemious
    self denying; refraining from indulging
  62. Blithe
    free spirited; carefree
  63. Crepuscular
    active at dawn and dusk
  64. Enunciation
    clear pronunciation; accent; articulation
  65. Headstrong
    stubborn; willful
  66. Lackluster
    dull; monotonous; bland
  67. Objective
    unbiased; not subjective
  68. Pliable
    flexible; not stubborn
  69. Rescind
    retract; repeal
  70. Temper
    to moderate; soften
  71. Abstruse
    difficult to understand; obscure
  72. Blunderbuss
    • ancient weapon (type of gun)
    • a clumsy person
  73. Cringe
    recoil; flinch; shy away
  74. Envenom
    to cause bitterness and bad feeling
  75. Hedonism
    self indulgence; pleasure seeking
  76. Laconic
    using few words; brief; to the point
  77. Oblique
    indirect; slanting
  78. Plumage
    feathers of a bird
  79. Resignation
    acceptance of fate
  80. Accolade
    tribute; honor; praise
  81. Bolster
    support; prop up
  82. Cryptic
    puzzling; enigmatic
  83. Ephemeral
    short lived; lasting a short time
  84. Hedonist
    a pleasure seeker
  85. Lamentation
    expression of regret or sorrow
  86. Obliterate
    destroy; demolish; eradicate
  87. Eradicate
    destroy completely; put an end to
  88. Plummet
    to fall suddenly and steeply
  89. Resolution
  90. Tentative
    not certain
  91. Acquiesce
    to agree to; to give in to
  92. Bombast
    arrogant; pompous language
  93. Curtail
    to cut short
  94. Epicure
    someone who appreciates good food and drink
  95. Heed
    listen to
  96. Lampoon
    ridicule; spoof
  97. Oblivious
    totally unaware
  98. Podium
    raised platform
  99. Resonant
  100. Tenuous
    flimsy; not solid
  101. Servility
    excessive willingness to serve or please others
  102. Gaudy
    • extravagantly brighter and showy, typically as to be tasteless
    • cheap looking
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