Vocab A 101-125

  1. infinitesimal
    exceedingly small; minute
  2. disabuse
    to free from error or falsehood
  3. corollary
    a natural consequence or effect; a deduction or an inference
  4. subside
    to settle down
  5. mercurial
    easily changeable; erratic
  6. discreet
    careful about what one says pr dpes; prudent
  7. definitive
  8. linchpin
    a central element that holds other parts together
  9. inextricable
    incapable of being solved or untangled
  10. herald
    to bear news; to announce
  11. nurture
    to nourish, educate, or encourage
  12. disarray
    confusion, disorder
  13. stem
    to stop; to restrain
  14. confiscate
    to seize by or as if by someone in authority
  15. timid
    easily frieghtened; lacking self confidence
  16. lackadaisical
    showing lack of interest or spirit
  17. abduct
    to take away, kidnap
  18. exacerbate
    to make more violent, bitter, or severe
  19. girth
    the distance around something; circumference
  20. erratic
    inconsistent, unpredictable
  21. atavistic
    reverting to past traits, esp. to traits absent for a long time
  22. cajole
    to attempt to persuade with flattery or insincere talk
  23. desiccate
    to dry completely
  24. heyday
    a time of success or popularity
  25. venial
    easily excused or forgiven
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