Vocab B 76-100

  1. regimen
    a set of rules, usually followed for thereapeutic effect
  2. precarious
    dangerously insecure or unstable
  3. cordial
    warm and friendly; hearty
  4. abdicate
    to willingly give up the position of kind; to choose not to fulfill a role or duty
  5. voracious
    devouring; extremely hungry
  6. banish
    to drive away; to force to leave a place by official decree
  7. surly
    sullen and rude
  8. obsolete
    no longer working or in use; out of date
  9. magnanimous
    generous; noble in mind
  10. subtergufe
    sneaky or devious method for avoiding difficulty or unpleasantness
  11. vernacular
    informal speech; native langauge
  12. claustrophobia
    fear of confined spaces
  13. congenial
    suited to one's needs or nature; friendly; sympathetic
  14. acrid
    harsh; sarcastic; bitter to the taste
  15. dogmatic
    arrogantly asserting unproved principles
  16. catharsis
    purging of the emotions
  17. manifest
    obvious; very clear; evident
  18. terse
    without unnecessary wppprds; succinct
  19. amorphous
    without definite shape; shapeless; unorganized
  20. choleric
    easily angered; bad tempered
  21. coherent
    logically consistent and orderly
  22. halycon
    calm; peaceful
  23. regimen
    showing silent anger and unwillingness to be pleasant to people
  24. defer
    to delay; to put off
  25. crevice
    a crack or narrow fissure
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