EKG review

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  1. EKG checklist- what to look at:
    • ST seg: depressed- ischemia
    •             elevated- infarct (MI)
    • T: inversion- ischemia
    • Q: significant- necrosis (infarct)
    • P: look @ V1- initial component larger & wider: R atrial hypertrophy
    •                    terminal portion larger & wider: L atrial hypertrophy
    • R: look at V1- progressively get smaller- R ventricular hypertrophy
    • QRS: V1 & V5- very exaggerated- S in V1 & R in V5= > 35 L ventricular hypertrophy
  2. Batman ears in V5 or V6
    L BBB
  3. Mouse in V1 or V2
    R BBB
  4. large R wave in V1 that progressively gets smaller thru V2-V6
    R ventricular hypertrophy
  5. depressed ST segment:
  6. T wave inversion:
  7. significant Q wave:
    necrosis  (infarct)
  8. S-wave in V1 & R-wave in V5 is > 35:
    L ventricular hypertrophy
  9. look at P wave:
    initial portion- biphasic larger & wider:
    terminal portion- biphasic larger & wider:
    • initial: R atrial hypertrophy
    • terminal: L atrial hypertrophy
  10. R wave progressively gets smaller from V1- V6:
    R ventricular hypertrophy
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