chapter 9 space

  1. milky way
    • the galaxy we live in
    • part of local group
  2. galaxy
    a group of stars, gas, dust and planets that are held together by gravity
  3. star cluster
    • cluster of stars that are between 10-1 000 000 stars
    • globular and open
  4. local group
    • group of galaxies that the milky way inhabits\
    • 40 million light years across
  5. open cluster
    • a star cluster between 50-5000 stars
    • shapeless
    • loosely held together by gravity
  6. globular cluster
    a spherical group of 5000-1000000 stars that is very tightly held together by gravity
  7. supercluster
    a cluster of groups of galaxies that is billions of light years across
  8. shapes of galaxies
    • spiral
    • elliptical
    • irregular
  9. cosmology
    • study of the universe and its history
    • different from astronomy
  10. doppler effect
    the effect giant planets have on the light of a faraway star
  11. redshift
    • going towards
    • light is less tightly packed
  12. blueshift
    • moving towards
    • light is closer causing increase in frequency
  13. big bang
    the theory that there was nothing, then there was the big bang, then there was the universe
  14. CMB radiation
    • Cosmic microwave background radiation
    • leftovers from big bang
  15. dark matter
    • matter that only interacts with visible matter with gravity
    • 6x as much dark as other matter
  16. dark energy
    • anti-gravity
    • 73% of universe
    • causing the expansion of the universe
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