SCBA Cylinder Markings

  1. All personnel should include a visual check of the color-coded sticker during the following SCBA cylinder inspections:
    Daily inspections of assigned SCBAs

    Monthly SCBA inspections

    At every refilling cycle
  2. the color–coding system                     

  3. 2009 2''x3''  
  4. color–coding system:

    • 2010
    •  2''X2''
  5. color–coding system:
    • 2011
    • 2''X3''
  6. color–coding system:
    • 2012
    • 2''X3''
  7. color–coding system:
    • 2013
    • 2'X3''
  8.  What are the "best practices" procedures when
    inspecting SCBA cylinders?
    Check the manufacture date on the manufacture label. Any SCBA cylinder with a manufacture date older than 15 YEARS should be taken out of service.

    Color-coded vinyl stickers should be used as a quick reference identification tool. When in doubt, personnel should physically check the certification markings on the SCBA cylinder. Hydrostatic markings can be located anywhere on the SCBA cylinder
  9. All SCBA cylinders are required to have a hydrostatic test every?
    five (5) years
  10. Unmarked SCBA cylinders and/or SCBA cylinders at the end of their service life should be?
  11. tagged and sent to Fire Station 36
  12. SCBA cylinders requiring hydrostatic testing should be tagged and sent to?
    Fire Station 42 and all Replacements should be issued at designated filling stations.
  13. The small 1" circular green sticker previously used to identify SCBA hydrostatic test cycles should be
    disregarded and removed if present.
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SCBA Cylinder Markings
SCBA Cylinder Markings