1. Two master files are central to setting up the staff and clinical resources in Epic:
    • Provider (SER) master file
    • User (EMP) master file.
  2. Anyone or anything that meets at least one of the following conditions needs his/her/its own provider record:
    • Orders or authorizes orders
    • Refers or is referred to (verwijst of wordt naar)
    • Credentialed (gecertificeerd) or has a specialty/discipline
    • Schedulable
  3. Where do you link the user record en provider record?
    The link between a person’s user record and provider record is set up in the user record.
  4. Providers are created in:
    Clinical Administration text, provider masterfile prompt
  5. External Name in provider record will?
    When your clinician marks a section as reviewed in hyperspace, make his or her name show up
  6. Provider Type in provider record, will show up hyperspace if?
    Will appear in Hyperspace if the user is linked tot the profile next to documentation filed by that user (like notes written for an admitted patient)
  7. When you create a new provider record, you must identify its purpose, witch kind are there
    • internal clinician
    • a scheduled resource
    • an external clinician
  8. Ref Src Type in provider record
    Verwijzende Bron
    • Required field
    • particular type of referral source (bronverwijzing)
    • Providor is Provider
    • MRI is non-referalsource
  9. Scheduling Type in providerrecord:
    • Required field
    • Distinguish between the different types of providers that can be scheduled
    • Every clinician’s provider record will have this field set to Person.
    • MRI is set to resource.
  10. Internal/Ext in providerrecord?
    • Not required field
    • In or out of your organisation.
  11. Where can you designate a clinician’s privileges to initiate and authorize orders
    Proxy Provider Information in text
  12. By making a provider an “authorizing provider,” are you giving him the ability to sign orders in Epic?
    No! The ability to access the Order Entry activity and sign orders is controlled by user security.The fields described in this section determine whether the provider’s name can be listed on an order as the person legally responsible for it.
  13. For users who are also providers, three critical links occur in the user record
    • user-provider
    • user-department
    • user-template
  14. User master file contains
    • one record for every person who needs to log in to Hyperspace.
    • Control IDs and passwords
    • establish important links to other records which ultimately determine access to
    • functionality and Hyperspace configuration.
  15. User Templates allow you to
    create a single record to maintain shared settings for multiple user records
  16. If you change the template
    all of the linked users are automatically updated to reflect the change made in the template
  17. In Basket allows users
    Send class (informational) and pool (task-based) messages to various groups
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