8. Module - NCE

  1. to approach the place where sb is
    come over - átjön, átáll

    Would you like to come over and have a drink?
  2. to put sg over the top of sg else in order to hide or protect it
    cover up - befed, elrejt

    It's advisable to use a bandage to cover up the wound.
  3. to wear clothes that are more unusual or formal than the ones you usually wear, often for a special occasion
    dress up - kiöltözik

    It isn't a formal party - there's no need to dress up.
  4. to wish sb success, good health etc. before having an alcoholic drink
    drink to - vkinek az egészségére iszik

    Let's drink to your success in your new job.
  5. to survive a difficult experience of period of time
    get through - át, keresztülvergődik

    Getting through the next few month after the divorce wasn't easy.
  6. to give sg to another person because you do not want or need it any more
    give away - odaad, elajándékoz

    I gave my old laptop to my niece.
  7. to stop working or having a career, especially sg you have been doing for some time
    give up (a career, job, profession etc.) - felhagy valamivel

    I gave up my job to go freelance.
  8. to explode or make a sudden noise
    go off - elsül

    My alarm went off at 6.30 as usual.
  9. to wait or stay somewhere with no real purpose
    hang around - kószál, cselleng

    We hung around the hotel for a while but we never saw her.
  10. to admire and respect sb
    look up to - tiszetelettel tekint vkire

    I've always looked up to my uncle for his honesty and hard-work.
  11. to tell sb sg that they did not know before or had not thought about
    point out - kifejt, leszegez

    Our guide pointed out the dangers of walking alone at night.
  12. to make sb dislike sg, or make them not want to do sg
    put off - elkedvetlenít, félrevezet

    Don't let the title put you off - it's a really interesting book.
  13. to connect sb to another person by telephone
    put through - kapcsol

    One moment, please, I'll just put you through.
  14. to express strong emotions about ag, especially when you are complaining very angrily
    sound off (about) - nyíltan beszél, szabadon hangoztatja a véleményét

    Sean was sounding off about the government again.
  15. to be very easy to see or notice by looking or sounding very different from other things or people
    stand out against - ?

    I think black letters will stand out better against the yellow background.
  16. to be on the TV and in the newspaper a lot because you are famous
    be in the public eye - nyilvánosság előtt

    The Prime Minister is tying to remain in the public eye as much as possible.
  17. a joke or funny story that deals with the unpleasant parts of life
    black humour - fekete humor

    His black humour is not to everyone's taste.
  18. an extremely attractive woman with light-coloured hair
    blonde bombshell - szőke bombázó

    Marilyn Monroe was a typical blonde bombshell of the 1950s.
  19. things which is unusual or attractive in a way that makes you notice it
    eye-catching design/outfit etc. - szembetűnő elgondolás

    She was wearing an eye-catching dress made off latex.
  20. to annoy sb, especially by doing sg repeatedly
    get on sb's nerves - az idegeire megy

    She's always complaining: it really gets on my nerves.
  21. to look at sb in a way that shows you disapprove of or dislike them
    give sb a dirty look - szúrós tekintet

    Why are you giving me such a dirty look?
  22. to talk to sb in private about sg they are doing wrong
    have a quiet word (with sb about sg) - fű alatt

    I think we should have a quiet word about your lateness.
  23. Two things have been said which seem to contradict each other
    in the same breath - egyszuszra, egy lélegzetre

    You can't say that you want to save money, and in the same breadth say you want to stay in a 5-star hotel.
  24. spoken used to say that it is lucky that sg happened
    it's a good job - szerencsére, szerencse hogy

    It's a good job I brought my umbrella. It hasn't stopped raining all day.
  25. to live your life in a very full and intense way, where you are prepared to do anything
    live life to the full - teljes életet él

    He's nearly 70, he still lives life to the full.
  26. used to say that you should always think about the potential dangers before doing sg
    • look before you leap!
    • ne ugorj a vaksötétbe
    • gondold át először
  27. almost always
    nine times out of ten - rend szerint, az esetek többségében

    Nine times out of ten, it's the football supporters who are to blame for the violence.
  28. sg that you strongly dislike because it particularly annoys you
    pet hate - haragosan utál

    TV game show are one of my pet hates.
  29. to cause surprise among people, particularly if they disagree with or disapprove of sg
    (cause) raised eyebrows - összeráncolt szemöldök

    Sharon's bright green hair has caused raised eyebrows among her friends.
  30. to appreciate that a difficult situation also has some amusing aspects
    see the funny side of sg - lásd meg a napos oldalát

    She saw the funny side of the situation.
  31. sg that people only begin to like after they have tried ti a few times
    • acquired taste - szokni kell
    • I think beer is an acquired taste.
  32. to tell sb in authority about a problem they were unaware of
    bring sg to sb's attention - ?

    The matter was brought to the council's attention.
  33. to make people uncertain about whether sg is right or true
    call into question - tetemrehívás

    I feel that my place in the team is being called into question.
  34. sg that you decide in order to develop your career.
    career move - előlépési kísérlet

    Applying for the job at head office would be a very good career move.
  35. a person who has become extremely popular among a particular group of people
    cult hero - sztár, celeb

    James Dean acquired the status of a cult hero.
  36. a film etc. whose main purpose is to make you feel happy and cheerful
    feelgood film/programme/song - vígjáték

    ET is a feelgood film.
  37. unacceptable, especially because they upset or offend people
    in bad taste - ízléstelen

    I thought your joke about being overwieght was in very bad taste.
  38. to make your first public appearance as a public entertainer or sports player
    make your debut - bemutatkozik

    Nicole Kidman made her film debut in 1985.
  39. to be unsure of how you feel about sg, because you have both a positive and a negative response to it
    (have) mixed feelings (about) - vegyes érzelmek

    I had mixed feelings about Tom leaving home.
  40. not suitable or appropriate
    • out of keeping with - összhangban van vmivel
    • in keeping with

    I felt that your remarks were out of keeping with the seriousness of the occasion.
  41. to show the difference in quality between one thing or person and the rest
    set apart (from) - tartalékol, elkülönít

    What sets the film apart is the superb cinematography and locations.
  42. a very short part of a speech or statement, especially one made by a politician, that is broadcast on radio or television.
    sound bite - reklámklip

    There were some memorable sound bites.
  43. sound produced artificially for a film, television or radio broadcast, film etc.
    sound effects - hanghatások

    I loved the sound effects.
  44. a person who expresses the ideas or opinions of a particular age group
    spokesman for a generation - egy nemzedék szóvivője

    For many, John Lennon was the spokesman of his generation.
  45. a famous person who expresses the ideas or opinions of a particular age group
    style icon - stílus szimbólum

    Madonna is a style icon.
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