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  1. What is the last step in the discipline process?
  2. What is the purpose of progressive discipline?
    To correct, mold and change behavior ***
  3. What is ethics codes compliance?
    Prevent unlawful behavior by increasing legal punishment
  4. What is pre-incident plan?
    Plan analysis
  5. How do you control mushrooming in a stairwell?
    Stairwell ventilation
  6. If the temp is higher inside the building and the temp is cooler outside the building, what does the smoke do inside the building?
    Smoke with rise in the high rise
  7. What is one of the first things that the IC should do at a high rise fire?
    Shut down the HVAC
  8. What is one of the first things that the IC should do at an incident with missing or trapped FF?
    Assign RIT
  9. How close should apparatus be parked for a structure fire?
    No closer than 30 ft
  10. How should you continue to a structure fire, if the first arriving unit reports nothing showing?
    Continue code 3 and do the speed limit, also speed limit thru intersections
  11. Who is contacted if someone asks for info of an accident?
  12. T/F  Should the staging officer ask for more resources?
  13. What is the body position called during swift water?
    45 degree, ferry angle
  14. When should the supervisor report violence in the workplace?
  15. What is Arbitration?
  16. When should a supervisor report accidents?
  17. How long is temporary reassignment given if you lose your license?
    30 days
  18. Where does supervisor get info on workplace violence?
    Employee health services
  19. What is the 90/90 rule for?
    For mastery
  20. What are 6 tools that you must bring to the roof for ventilation?
    • -Irons
    • -Trash hook
    • -Radio
    • -Saws w/ proper blade
    • -TIC
    • -H2O extinguisher
  21. What is the rule of thumb when making ventilation holes?
    Ventilation hole should be at least 10% of the total roof surface.
  22. How often should fluids be checked in the rabbit tool?
    After every 10 hrs of use.
  23. PPV fans should be placed where at structure fires?
    At the entry point, at the unburned side, 12-15 feet back.
  24. What are the 4 rules of forcible entry?
    • -Try before you pry
    • -Don't ignore the obvious
    • -When possible, use the door the occupants use
    • -Maintain the integrity of the door
  25. The front door of commercial occupancies are often what % of glass?
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