Biology chap1

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  1. Environment
    a sum of all the conditions surrounding us that influence life.
  2. Environmental science
    the field that looks at interactions among humans and nature
  3. The Biotic
    the living parts of the Earth (animals, plants, microorganisms)
  4. The Abiotic
    the non-living parts of the Earth (soil, air, water, sunlight)
  5. System
    a set of interacting components that influence one another by exchanging energy or materials.
  6. Ecosystem
    the living and non-living components of a particular place on Earth.
  7. Ecosystem services
    environments provide life-supporting services such as clean water, timber, fisheries, crops.
  8. Environmental indicators
    describe the current state of the environment.
  9. The variety of life forms in an environment. Includes:
    • Genetic diversity
    • Species diversity
    • Ecosystem diversity
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