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  1. What does fertile land mean?
    Good land for growing agricultural products.
  2. What made this region fertile?
    Powerful floods on land near rivers,brought up the soil and made it fertile.
  3. What does that fertility of a land determine if people will settle on it?
    Because if the land is not fertile people will set on it.
  4. Name two city's found in the Indus Valley.

  5. Why is it that historians know very little about the Indus Valley.
    They couldn't read their writing.
  6. How would deciphering the meaning of these descriptions reveal information about the indus Valley?
    Because if you can understand their writing we can understand their way of life.
  7. What does the city organization reveal about the social hierarchy of the Indus Valley?
    That all of the buildings were the same and the wasent a palace in the middle so it shows it's egalaterin.
  8. How does this compare to the findings in the other civilizations?
    Because in the other civilizations they all have a plaice for the king, emperor Ect. and here it's egalterin.
  9. What are seals found Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley?
    Clay inscriptions used to indicate sale contracts.
  10. What does this suggest about trading practices in the Indus valley?
    Merchants perhaps used these seals to stamp their mark on trading goods.
  11. What are reasons proposed for the disaperince of the Indus Valley?
    • Experts proposed some hypothesis.....
    • monsoon floods
    • migration or
    • Cultural change.
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