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  1. During which period did this civilization emerge?
    This civilization emerged around 3000 BCE and lasted around 25 century's.
  2. What tools did the Egyptians use for communication?
    They communicated using hieroglyphics script on clay and then on papyrus.
  3. Who held the power in the Nile Valley?
    The pharaoh held the administrative and political power.
  4. Who represented religious authority?
    • The Pharaoh was the religious authority.
    • Amun-Ra was the pantheon of the gods. When the Pharaoh died he was supposed become a god in the afterlife
  5. What is the Rosetta stone and briefly explain what we learned about it.
    The Rosetta Stone has three different languages, hieroglyphics, demotic scripts and Greek it helps us decipher hieroglyphics.
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